Dream House

Have you ever thought of the future and what it would look like? Where you will live, what kind of house you will have and just in general what your house will look like. I haven’t thought about that but if I had to choose I would be a two-story looking house.  I want a big house but not over the top.  The backyard needs to be big, and I want a newer house so then we know that there is nothing wrong with anything.

I want a two-story house that is decent in size when I am older because then I will have lots of room for things to go when I have kids and just for the odd things around the house.  I want the rooms to be pretty big so then the kids have a lot of room to play and have room for friends when they come over.

The second thing that would be nice is a big backyard. I would want a big backyard because then in the summer there is room for plants and still enough room to play out there. I would also like a pool in the backyard that is built into the ground so then we don’t have to worry about putting it away in the wintertime.  It would be nice to have a big deck so then we can sit out there and eat supper in the summertime and have friends over and sit out there. It would be so nice to have all the backyard space so that we don’t have to worry about not having enough space in the yard for a dog, and kids.

The third thing is that I want the house to be either just renovated fully or is new. I don’t want a house that is old and may have problems with it. I want a house that is ready to move into when we want to move into it and has enough space for everything.

In conclusion, for my dream house, I would like it to be a  two-story house, with a big backyard, pool, and a big deck so that there is room for a BBQ and a seating area, and the last thing is that I want the house to be newly renovated or a new house that has only had one other family live in it.

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