Hero’s Journey

I chose the movie Moana as the hero’s journey. I chose this movie because when Moana was a baby she would always go out to the sea, whenever she would go to the sea her dad would stop her, and when she finally left to go find Maui then she never gave up.

The first part is the call of adventure. When Moana was a baby she would walk down to the beach and she would sit at the ocean. One day, while she was at the ocean, shells kept coming to shore and so she would go and pick them up, as she would pick them up she started going further and further into the ocean but the water was making a path for her to go into the ocean, it was like the ocean was calling her to do something. After she got quite a bit of shell’s they stopped showing up, and she looked around and there was a whole bunch of fish and a turtle that was swimming around her, when she looked straight again, she saw something green floating over towards her, she reached into the water to grab it and turns out it was the heart of Tafiti.  When she had it in her hand it was like a sign that she was the one who was supposed to return it, but since she was so young her dad came looking for her and as the ocean was bringing her back to shore, she dropped the heart and it was never seen again until she was old enough to sail by herself.

Whenever she would go to the ocean, her dad would always stop her because he didn’t want her to get hurt or lose someone that she loved just the way he did when he was younger, so Moana wasn’t allowed to go sailing or even go into the ocean without someone near.  One day when Moana was older, she snuck out of her room and went with her pet pig to the shore and put a boat into the water. Even though she wasn’t allowed, she hopped onto the boat and sailed off to try and return the heart. No one noticed that she was gone until morning and during the night she hit a terrible storm that destroyed her boat and she ended up on an island that she noticed that there was someone there. The person who was there is Maui, he came out of his “cave” and scared Moana. He then picked her up because she was trying to get him to go and out the heart back but then he picked her up and put her into his cave and put a rock in front of it.

This part was the part where Maui and Moana finally met. She then got out of the cave and then she got him onto the boat. As they were going to return the heart, once they got closer than they hit another storm but this storm was a God and not just a natural storm. They got passed it and then they saw where they had to put the heart.  Moana sent Maui to do it because he is the only one who is able to return the heart because he was the one who took it in the first place.

This movie shows a hero’s journey because at first, she had a normal life, then she got called to the ocean and got the heart, then her dad stopped her, then she finally left to find Maui. That’s why I chose this movie.

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