Happy Camper

One problem many teens face is pressure to do good or to accomplish things. Putting this pressure on teens could cause them to feel as if they are not good enough, if they cannot do what they are expected to. Teens should not be pressured by parents or other adults to do things they don’t think are right or they they just don’t want to do. By saying “What’s wrong with teens today?”, people are implying that all teens are stupid and don’t care about things such as grades, but this is not true. Many teens today are accomplishing things that people many years ago wouldn’t even imagine doing at that age. Generations nowadays are much brighter than they were when our parents were in school. Schools now offer better education in a variety of different subjects. Students now are expected to know more than older generations were. Teens now also know the importance of treating other people right. Many schools now offer various programs that teach students about mental health and how to deal with problems, stress, and many other things. Years ago people were not as aware of these problems as they are now. This is because of the many difficulties teens face on a day to day basis and these problems are becoming more common in teens. This is another reason adults should not be putting lots of pressure on their kids or students, but there are still so many adults that encourage and help many teens reach their full potential. Many adults do this by simply believing in them. For example many times when I play lacrosse I often question if I should even try to become better anymore because of the lack of opportunities it will bring. I had one coach and he taught me that if I keep trying and don’t give up now eventually I will find my opportunity. People who can find this motivation and keep a smile on their face through the difficult times are people who could be called ‘Happy campers’. The pledge of Happy campers is to keep smiling, and leave your school, your community, and the world a better place than you found it.

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