One of my hobbies that I do often is running. I do not find running fun but helps me relax and feel better. My first motivation factor is independence. This relates to running because it is something I choose to do for myself because I know it is good for me and I know that it is something I can do for myself to keep my healthy mentally and physically. My second motivation factor is achievement. Whenever I run I set a goal of how far I’m going to go and every time I reach this small goal it is like an achievement I can accomplish everyday.


Another of my hobbies is playing sports, such as lacrosse, hockey and volleyball. I have spent many hours by myself at the rink playing lacrosse by myself while my dad was busy there doing other things. I used to dream of playing college lacrosse and I knew practicing was something I had to do for myself if I was going to reach this goal. This goal relates to both independence and achievement. Due to problems in my leg I stopped playing for a year and know that college lacrosse is something I won’t be able to do.

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My favourite hobby is spending time with friends and family. It is important to take it upon yourself to spend time with family, such as grandparents that won’t be around forever. Every once in a while I think it is very important to go see them or give them a call or text even to just say hi. This could relate to independence because you know it is the right thing to do and you are taking the responsibility to do it. I don’t think it relates to achievement though.

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