Father Mike, “Do All Good People go to Heaven”


Many people follow God because they fear not getting into heaven. Following God is more than just being a good person, meaning you don’t kick dogs as you walk past. Being Christian means that you need to reorient your life to do God’s will. It means living your life according to God. Heaven is not a prize for those who are good and do the occasional good deed. The road to get into Heaven is narrow but everyone is invited to take this path. The road to Hell is wide and crowded. I agree with the way Father Mike portrays the road to Heaven and Hell because even though everyone is invited to Heaven by God, many will choose not to accept the invitation. Receiving the eucharist, getting baptized and attending church on holy days are essential to make it to heaven. We have to put in work every day to prepare ourselves to enter heaven. 

Father Mike, “Why Does God Allow Suffering?”

Everywhere we look we see life blooming in nature or in the people around us. At the same time, everywhere we look is death. Without death we could not have the miracle of life, because with no life there is no death. If God did not allow suffering, that would mean that we would no longer have freedom to make choices. If God always made everyone do the right thing so that there is no suffering, we wouldn’t have the choice to make wrong decisions which means we then have no freedom.

Leaving home

Leaving home for college or university will bring up many different emotions. It will be very hard going from seeing your family everyday when you get home from school, to seeing them every few weeks or even months. This would make me very homesick and sad because I would feel very alone all the time. I would especially miss seeing my brothers. Even though I don’t see them that much now, because Daygan and I both work, I always see them for a bit and they always make me laugh and put a smile on my face. Although it would be nice to have a break from the constant bugging I know that is something I will miss the most. I will also miss my few close friends very much and it will be very hard to adjust from going to school and seeing them, to going to school with many people you’ve never met. For me, the part I think will be the hardest is not seeing my dog. I love my dog more than anything and I will miss her dearly when I cannot see her as much anymore. I know she will miss me too when I’m gone and that makes me extremely sad. Although there are many parts about leaving that will be sad or scary there are also many things to look forward to. When I move out to go to college one of the first things I am going to do is get more ear piercings and a tattoo. I’ve wanted more piercings for a while but my mom told me when I move out I can finally get them. I also want to get a tattoo because I think it would be cool and by that time I will be 18 and able to get one by myself. I am looking forward to the freedom and independence of living on my own and taking on the responsibility to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. I always like meeting new people so going to college with lots of people would be a great opportunity to make new friends and meet new people. College or university can seem terrifying but it brings up so many new opportunities.

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

The Alexander Rutherford Scholarship is a Scholarship that you can apply for once you are enrolled in post secondary schooling. This Scholarship looks at your grades and courses you took in grade 10, 11 and 12. If you are eligible you will be given money to go towards your schooling. Depending on the marks you got in your high school courses will affect the amount of money you will receive or if you will receive money. This scholarship almost rewards you for your high marks throughout high school.


One of my hobbies that I do often is running. I do not find running fun but helps me relax and feel better. My first motivation factor is independence. This relates to running because it is something I choose to do for myself because I know it is good for me and I know that it is something I can do for myself to keep my healthy mentally and physically. My second motivation factor is achievement. Whenever I run I set a goal of how far I’m going to go and every time I reach this small goal it is like an achievement I can accomplish everyday.


Another of my hobbies is playing sports, such as lacrosse, hockey and volleyball. I have spent many hours by myself at the rink playing lacrosse by myself while my dad was busy there doing other things. I used to dream of playing college lacrosse and I knew practicing was something I had to do for myself if I was going to reach this goal. This goal relates to both independence and achievement. Due to problems in my leg I stopped playing for a year and know that college lacrosse is something I won’t be able to do.

True Key Comp Complete Men's Lacrosse Stick - Lacrosse Fanatic

My favourite hobby is spending time with friends and family. It is important to take it upon yourself to spend time with family, such as grandparents that won’t be around forever. Every once in a while I think it is very important to go see them or give them a call or text even to just say hi. This could relate to independence because you know it is the right thing to do and you are taking the responsibility to do it. I don’t think it relates to achievement though.

Who am I?

Everyone is different in their own way. These differences are what makes us who we are. We are defined by the things we do, say, believe in, and we all have many characteristics that make us unique.                                                                 

What makes me different than other people is, I like to do what makes me happy without worrying about what other people are going to think about it. Some of the things that I most enjoy doing are sports, such as lacrosse and hockey. I also have lots of determination to reach specific goals when it comes to sports. Many people settle for less when they could be achieving much greater things. For me, I don’t quit until I feel completely satisfied with what I have accomplished. In the future, I plan on achieving my goal of playing on a college lacrosse team. This has been my dream since I was 7 and I know with hard work and dedication I can make this dream come true.

Most people when they first see me will recognize me as a very quiet person. Once people get to know me better they will quickly realize I am a very talkative and cheerful person, except if I’m having a bad day. Sometimes I find that I get mad very easy if I am not having a good day. This is one of the many things I am continuously working to improve about myself every day. Another thing I am always trying to improve is my sleep schedule. Often I realize that I either don’t get enough sleep or sleep too much. By having a better sleep schedule I know I would be an overall happier and healthier person.

Although there are many things I am working to make better about myself, there are many things I wouldn’t change about myself. Over the past few years playing lacrosse I couldn’t be happier with what I have accomplished. The past year I was asked to go to provincials with Cold Lake Heat lacrosse team. Since then I have gotten another opportunity to play for a better team in Sherwood Park.

Overall I think the most important thing to know about me is that I am a very caring, understanding and accepting person. Everyone has things they can improve about themselves, and I can’t say I’m an exception. These strengths and flaws are what make us who we are.

Happy Camper

One problem many teens face is pressure to do good or to accomplish things. Putting this pressure on teens could cause them to feel as if they are not good enough, if they cannot do what they are expected to. Teens should not be pressured by parents or other adults to do things they don’t think are right or they they just don’t want to do. By saying “What’s wrong with teens today?”, people are implying that all teens are stupid and don’t care about things such as grades, but this is not true. Many teens today are accomplishing things that people many years ago wouldn’t even imagine doing at that age. Generations nowadays are much brighter than they were when our parents were in school. Schools now offer better education in a variety of different subjects. Students now are expected to know more than older generations were. Teens now also know the importance of treating other people right. Many schools now offer various programs that teach students about mental health and how to deal with problems, stress, and many other things. Years ago people were not as aware of these problems as they are now. This is because of the many difficulties teens face on a day to day basis and these problems are becoming more common in teens. This is another reason adults should not be putting lots of pressure on their kids or students, but there are still so many adults that encourage and help many teens reach their full potential. Many adults do this by simply believing in them. For example many times when I play lacrosse I often question if I should even try to become better anymore because of the lack of opportunities it will bring. I had one coach and he taught me that if I keep trying and don’t give up now eventually I will find my opportunity. People who can find this motivation and keep a smile on their face through the difficult times are people who could be called ‘Happy campers’. The pledge of Happy campers is to keep smiling, and leave your school, your community, and the world a better place than you found it.

Multiple “Signs” of Intelligence in the Bible

Set B- Hannah

Exodus 4:10-17

What is Aaron’s role?

Aarons role was to go to Moses and to speak to him with Gods words. God sent Aaron to do this because he was upset with Moses and wanted Moses to learn to speak like him. God was upset with Moses because he was talking about the deaf, the people that could hear, the blind, and the people that could see negatively. God wanted Aaron to teach Moses to be interpersonal.

Acts 8:26-38

Who are the two people in this story?

Phillip and an eunuch.

Why does one of them choose to be baptized?

Phillip decides to be baptised because he believed with all his heart that Jesus Christ is the son of God. Phillip is interpersonal and knows what is best for him and he knew that being baptised would bring him closer to God.