Fr joy’s first visit

Today I meet Father Joy, He moved from Kerela Indian in 2017 he first worked in 2 different Churches in Edmonton.  Then once Father Roger moved to a different parish Father Joy got offered a job to come work at our Parish in Vermilion. Father joy came to our classroom and talked with us students and teachers for a period. Father Joy was fun to talk to and was cool to learn new stuff about India Father seems very educated and passionate about teaching and spreading the word of god. Father seems like he will make a great priest and fit right into our parish in Vermilion.


It’s crazy to think that he didn’t tell his parents that he was going to school to become a priest and he didn’t tell his parents till later on. His sister was a nun and she always knew he was wanting to be a priest and supported him a lot with that decision and was happy that’s what he wanted to do with his life. It was very interesting to listen to Father talk about India and learn new stuff about India.  I didn’t know very much about India and know I know a little bit more about there culture history how many languages, religions, provinces, and how many people there are in such a tiny area.

Father Joy’s church now.

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