I think that truth means to always do whats right and asked of us and to always ask questions to make questions and expand our knowledge through questions. I think so solve the riddles and find the key to life we need to keep asking questions and grow our learning through questioning.

To know something is the truth is to know that something is a fact and proven. We have to question to find the truth and when we question we will be able to find if its fact or truth. The bible states that “God is truth”. I think we need to question everything even things we think we already know are true I think we still need to question everything even like our friends real and true or not.

Are you the same person that you were 5 years ago? No, we have to question and find the truth to answer this question. But the truth would tell us no because every morning we wake up and do something different than yesterday and in 5 years that’s lots of time to do new stuff meet new people travel new places so I say no.

I think that in order for us to get smarter we have to question, question and question. If we keep asking questions we will become more educated and hopefully find the key to success and happiness. I think that through questioning we can achieve this.

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