Time travel

If time travel ever becomes possible I would travel into the future. I would want to travel into the future to see all the new technologies we have created in 30 years from now. I would like to see how much our ways of life have changed. I would like to see if we have found a cure for cancer in 30 years from now.

In 30 years from now i would like to travel to vermilion and see how much it has changed and see if the town has grown or shrunk and visit all the places I go to now and see what’s different. In 30 years I would like to see what new gadgets apple or Samsung has created or see if any new technology companies have started and what their billion-dollar ideas are.

I would like to see how much Canadians way of life has changed. I would like to see the new techniques for Agriculture. I wonder if in 30 years if all cars will be electric? and if they would invent electric farm machinery. In 30 years I wonder what Canada’s economy will look like and how much it will change from now.

If Canada’s economy changes a lot I wonder what products would it change too. I wonder if there will still be oilfield in Alberta in 30 years. It would be interesting to see if the Canadas army has changed in 30 years and to learn all the new military practices.

If I could time travel I would choose to go into the future. It would be so cool to learn the stuff that we do in the future now.

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