Identify a good read

I choose the story “How I became rich” I think this is a good story because it’s not that the writer is money rich but rich with quality of life. The narrator was poor money wise but she and her bf managed to find enough money to take a trip to Hawaii and while they were in Hawaii their taxi driver taught them a valuable life lesson.

While they were in the taxicab the driver said “I wish I was rich like you Americans” The girl said what do you mean we rent an apartment and share it with a roommate and I save ketchup packets from Mcdonalds to save money. The Taxi driver shook his head and laughed. The lady asked what do you mean rich like you Americans? The cab driver responded with rich in the quality of life you have and all the luxerys you have in America. The driver started showing and telling them about all the poverty and how much lower there quality of life is compared to America.

She thought but how? In America its always cold and its always snowing in the state in from. We have lots of droughts and then forest fires and earth quakes. The girl started seeing the number of homeless people and all the poverty in Hawaii and relized she is ‘rich’ because of all the luxerys and the quality of life she has in America.

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