Dream house

My dream house would be in the mountains of BC. I would like to have a 3000 square foot house in the mountains with a basement middle level and 2nd story. I would like to have a big deck on the 2nd floor that goes all the way around the house. I would put a hot tub on the deck. It would be in the wood high on a mountain.

I would build a big 3 car garage and I would build a 300×300 shop to store all my stuff in. I would like to live in the mountains because there would be very good hunting and snowmobiling. I would like to live close to a lake so I¬† could go fishing lots also and take my boat for a drive. I would build a long driveway through the trees that lead up to a beautiful big house with nice landscaping and mini waterfalls going through rocks and have a big nice fireplace and big deck.

I would build a huge master bedroom with a big window looking towards the trees and mountains. I would build a big bathroom in it and put sauna in the room. I would also build a big walk-In closet. This would what my dream home would look like.


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