The truck of my dreams

My dream truck would be to own a 2008 ford f350 Powerstroke. I would buy a Platnum ford so that it would be fancy and come with a leather interior. I would build the truck how I want and do all the upgrades to it that I would like to do. I would do lots of work to the motor so I could get as much horsepower I can get out of the truck.

I would get the 6.4-liter v8 diesel engine in the truck. I would do lots of upgrades to the motor. First, I would buy a K&N cold air intake. I would buy a bully dog diesel tuner for the truck. Then I would buy a K&N diesel performance chip. I would bore out the head gaskets to get more horsepower and put in performance valves I would also get performance turbos.  I would buy a 4-inch straight pipe for the truck and then a 6-inch K&N exhaust tip. Once I did all this stuff the truck should be about 670 horsepower and 1300 foot-pounds of torque.

I would buy a 6-inch rough country lift kit and I would get fox racing shocks and coil-overs. I would get rough country front skid plate and 4 rough country traction control bars. I would put the truck on 26 by 14 wide Fuel lethal rims and Toyo open country tires. I would do smoked out recon taillights and headlights. I would put 5% window tint on all of the windows and do 5% on the brow of my windshield. I would get a Smitty built black wire mesh grill for the truck. I will also get haloes for the truck and under glow and wheel rock lights. I would get a 50 inch light bar across the top of my truck also.

For the interior, I would already have leather seats because its a platinum.  I would buy two 12 inch subs and a 500-watt kicker amp I would build a box for the subs and mount them underneath my rear seats. I would also get a cab under glow lights for the truck. I would get an Iron cross rear and front bumper for the truck with led light bars in the front bumper and rear bumper. I would also put a new cowl hood with 3Inch hood scoops.

This would be my dream truck. I would love to someday own a truck exactly like this.

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