Hero’s Journey

A Hero’s journey movie is star wars. Star wars is a Hero’s journey because at the start the hero’s life is normal then adventure calls to him. The hero is faced with conflict then the adventure begins. The movie in a galaxy far away in this galaxy human and many species of aliens co-exist and interact with each other.

A mystical power “the force” is described as an energy field created by all living things that bind the galaxy together. Through training and meditation, those whom the force is strong with are able to perform some superpowers such as telekinesis precognition telepathy and manipulation of physical energy.

The force is welded by knighthood orders at conflict with each other. The Jedi the peacekeepers of the republic who act on the light side of the force. And the sith Ancient enemies of the galactic democracy who use the dark side by manipulating fear and aggression. The Jedi and sith use a weapon called the light saver.

The two forces battle for the right to the galaxy they use light savers and battle each other. They have to go through lots of training and meditation before they can battle.

This movie star wars is a hero Journey movie because there is a conflict between the Jedi and the sith who battle it out with light savers. This movie is really interesting and keeps you wondering what is going to happen next it is very suspenseful.


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