Who am I? (learning styles survey)

I am 46% visual learner I like to learn by reading quietly and looking at what we learned. I like to write detailed notes about what we learned so that I can read it and learn it. I sometimes make graphs or charts from different subjects and write what we learned during class. I give myself quiet time when I am studying because it helps me memorize our work at school and unit tests that we need to learn about. I sometimes learn through pictures.

I am 31% Auditory. Auditory learning usually helps me a lot, because when we needed to memorize something I record myself reading what we learned throughout the semester and stuffs that I needed to memorize. I also use audiobooks when reading, because it helps focus a lot on the story and helps me focus a lot. I sometimes talk to someone to learn. We usually just ask and discuss the topic we needed to learn. It helps me remember a lot of stuff we just learned. Auditory learning is a good way to learn if you need to focus and learn about a topic at the same time.

23% Kinesthetic. Kinesthetic learning is about doing and learning at the same time. It does not really work that much for me. I find it really hard to learn when I do the works that I have to learn because I get really confused a lot when doing kinesthetic learning.

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