Fr Joy’s first visit

Father Joy first told us that he came from Kerala, India it is a state in India. It is also the thirteenth-largest Indian state by population. He told us that it like having all of the populations in Canada in Nova Scotia. They also have these large boats that are called a boathouse. They have some quite beautiful tourist attraction which is a falls and a beach.

Fr Joy also told us that there are a lot of religions in his country where he is from. He told us almost all of the religions you will find are there. Fr Joy also said that he got picked to go and be a priest in Germany, but the language there is so hard to pronounce and said that it would be better to be in an English country so they suggested Canada and then he picked Canada. He also used to be a priest St. Thomas parish in Edmonton.

Fr Joy also taught us some breathing exercises to feel lighter and have a clear mind. He told us that you have to be sitting straight and your bare feet touching the floor. Then inhale and exhale for 3 or 5 seconds.

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