Riddle of existence Essay

Why are there are a lot of people that are curious about whatever is happening in this world? Can you doubt that you exist in this world? Does everything depend on everything? Do we control technology or does technology control us? That is the question that a lot of people ask themselves. We are curious about what we know in this world or if what is happening right now affecting the whole universe that we all are living. 

 In every passing moment of our life, we get closer to creating intelligent machines, maybe even conscious ones. If we can do this, could someone or something else do it too? There are many people today who could invent robots that could help work easier and some could even make some that could talk like a human and understand you. In all likelihood, we will never find out whether we are ourselves. There are people that think that if you move or make a wrong decision there is another person from a parallel universe that made the opposite of the decision that you once made, but we are all not sure if it is real or not. Perhaps there is a reason for all of this or not.

Does everything depend on one everything? There are numerous of science and religion explanations that there is something that depends on everything, but if you would look past all of those, and simply ask yourself what the universe seems to be for you will eventually find a conclusion that the single characteristic that we have best defines what the universe is about.  In my own point of view, we all change so does the surroundings around us, the animals that we currently live with and the wild ones. Everyone evolves or at one point disappears, because of all the circumstances that ever happened in this world. If you would ever think about the world, not changing it is impossible we all change at least some point of our life or small town that you lived in would eventually change in the future.

Every morning we wake up and what do we see? our phones or alarm clocks that wake us up every morning. You would walk in a big city and what do you see? Many people walking down a street with a pair of headphones on texting or buzzing from around you. When you are walking somewhere in the city sometimes, you will see some people walking on a road crossing, while looking at their phones, texting or calling someone not even aware of what is happening around them.  A lot of us are even too much reliant on the gadgets that they are using and would even use it for everything like making some homework and would just copy and paste whatever they could find on the internet using their phones and computers. There are also some people that are too addicted to their phone and when invited somewhere instead of having fun and talking, they are glued to their phone and talking to the people far from them instead of talking to the one that is currently in front of you. I think that people today have become too reliant on the technology that they have.

In conclusion, we are all curious about what we know in this world or if what is happening right now affecting the whole universe that we all are living in. Every one of us is also evolving or changing through time and the world we also live in.  The technology that we use is always helping us change the world or change ourselves. By using the technologies that we have we will have a look of the near future that is ahead of us all. If we just stop becoming too reliant on the technology that we currently have, we would live better than we currently are. 


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