Find a black and white picture of anything.


Click object, then click the fill and stoke.

Find any background picture and then drag it to inkscape.


You can then click the object, clip, and set.


there is going to be another copy of the before filling the picture. Then drag the pink lines to the picture which makes a line.


You can then, click edit path at the side which shows that there is a line on the side.

You can then save the picture and send it to your teacher print.

After printing the picture, you can start by weeding it using this tool.

After weeding you can then, put a sticker on the top

After you put a clear sticker on the top, you can then use this rectangular rubber to remove those small bubbles inside.

You can then, pick a color of a shirt or a hoodie, then put the t-shirt indie the laminator. Then preheat for about 8 seconds.

After inserting the t-shirt, you can then start by putting the printed picture at the top of the sticker.

Use a ruler so that the print design is straight

Put a wrap over the shirt, so that the design will not shrink.

After heating up the t-shirt we can start by taking off the sticker.

After it is printed on the shirt, we can then remove the t-shirt and leave it to dry for a day.

After your done your t-shirt you can then start by trying it on.



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