Three songs (5 paragraph)


Three Songs

There are three songs that have caught my attention this year. First Yesterday, by “the Beatles”. Yesterday is an old song that I have heard a friend play, I have never got sick of hearing. The second song is “Hey Jude” it is also by “the Beatles” I also heard from a friend and I have grown attached to the song this year. The third song is “Sunday Best” by Surfaces. Every time I hear this song it makes me cheer up and be positive.

The song Yesterday by the Beatles is about Its about a Woman that was sick. that it is about his mom dying.¬† She went to the hospital and died there the night after she was admitted. Her Son thought she left him because He may have said the wrong thing. How This is a very sad song. One minute, you’re happily in love with someone, enjoying the relationship. The next thing you know, you’re wondering how things went wrong, distressed. I can relate, somewhat. But, in the end, there is hope…”I believe in yesterday”. Sometimes, I think hope is all you’ve got. Amazing song. Uplifting and depressing at the same time.

The second song Hey Jude by Beatles. Hey, Jude is mainly about “Hey Jude, don’t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better”He is trying to tell Julien that although things are bad he can turn it around. Basically the English expression, ‘chin up it can’t get any worse’. Fate is in your own hands. “You were made to go out and get her, “John thinks it was Paul talking to him in regard to Yoko. It is basically Paul generalizing by telling the heartbroken to go out and don’t be afraid of rejection. “For well you know that it’s a fool, Who plays it cool. By making his world a little colder” He is saying it is OKAY to share your emotions, only fools bottle it all inside. He’s basically saying it is okay to have feelings.

The third is Sunday best by surfaces the song lyric “every day can be a better day despite the challenge/ All you gotta do is leave it better than you found it”, showed that¬† No matter what happens it could still be a better day. The part of the song when it says “Everyone falls down sometimes/But you just gotta know it’ll all be fine, its ok” showed that no matter what the challenge is or if you fail something you should still know that you will be fine. “Somedays you wake up and nothing works you feel surrounded/Gotta give your feet some gravity to get you grounded” showed that even if there are many challenges in life you should still have a positive outlook in life no matter what because that is what would make you rise up again.

In conclusion, the song Yesterday is one of the songs that got me into the Beatles, so it will always be a special song for me. I feel that people here tend to talk down about the really popular hits and talk up the lesser-known songs, but I still love it all. Hey, Jude is also a great song in my book, and there’s not a soul who could get me to change my mind. this song is bittersweet in some way it seems kinda sweet to me but when you really listen to what he is saying the sadness just pours out of his words its a beautiful song and I think he is saying that he had his love at one time and everything seems so clear and easy and fun to him but he lost that love and now its all messed up and he is looking back at the past. The song “Sunday best” by surfaces gives me a positive outlook in life every time I hear it.


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