Teleportation (5 paragraph)


When teleportation is finally possible, I would test the power that it holds, then make a spacesuit built for mars to beat every single country in the second space race. After everything is possible I would then retire on an island.

First thing I’d do? Test out the power. After I know the rules, I’d steal the riches from people that don’t deserve it. Then, using that money, I’d use it all to donate for researchers on disease and poverty and also, everything I’ve ever wanted.  After I ”splurge”, I’d develop a spacesuit built for Mars. Then I’d wear it and teleport to Mars and beat every single country in the second space race.

After that, steal more money and build an enterprise. I would then do tests on myself  (with the world’s greatest scientists) and discover what allows me to teleport. If I can use this kind of power on things like aircraft and spaceships, then I would build a military using more ”acquired” money.  I would then conquer the world after a long war, and pretty much keep everything the same as it is (country’s government would still be in effect, I would just oversee everything and solve all conflicts.)

After that is done, I would get cracking on building a space fleet of warships, mining vessels, and transport vehicles, all using the same teleportation power I have. I would then establish human control over as much space as I could. If I can’t utilize my power to teleport ships and stuff, then I’d just live a semi-average life after I get bored with being rich. I would go to every country that I find interesting and relax there. I would also teleport right at the top of the mountains and take a picture with me on it and admire the awesome view.

In conclusion, just by having teleporting existing in this world, it would make massive changes around the world.  If it is in the hands of the right person because we don’t want a selfish person having it. It would also decrease the amount of poverty in the world and get to know space-traveling easier.

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