Describe a day in your life that felt thoroughly magical. When was it? Where and with whom were you? What made it feel that way?

The day of my life that felt thoroughly magical was when I woke up in my old home in the Philippines. Even though I was aware of traveling there it still feels like a dream, because I really missed that place. Seeing the place that I grew up as a kid made me feel happy. Even though it’s so loud, because of my relative talking, seeing them there made me feel warm. Every day in that place was full of joy, because there would be your relatives who would always visit you and tell you how much they miss you. My whole family and I then went to visit my grandparents at that time and the old cooking of my grandma felt like a dream, It reminded me of my childhood. Even though we stayed there for a month it didn’t feel like a month, it felt like a day. Time passed by so fast, but those experiences that I had there was the most enjoyable day of my life.

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