Favourite Hobbies

I have many hobbies that are quite interesting, like watching movies, asian dramas, reading different stories online and art comics of different authors around the world. 

The dramas I am watching are always a 20 episode tv show or more, sometimes there are 60 episodes. The majority of the shows I’m watching are 1 hour long, but it is always heartwarming when you finish to the end and find new shows I want to watch. I once watched this tv show about a girl waking up on a month as a different person, so she has a hard time having friends. When her close friends were getting married she couldn’t come, because they wouldn’t recognize her. The main character has to stay as a different person for a whole week. 

I also read books online. There are different kinds of interesting stories. I mainly read reincarnation stories and get transported to another universe where there are royalty and the main characters remember their past life on earth. The art comics of the people that I am reading are so good.

These hobbies of mine helped me improve my grammar and made me like books which I didn’t find as interesting before. The dramas that I watched also consisted of subtitles, so I read everytime the actor/actress talked. It made me understand different cultures and how they lived. 


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