Bucket List


Research pictures of where you want to go or places on your bucket list.


Screenshot each of the pictures using command – shift- 4 and it will save to your desktop.  Go to canva.com log in or signup if you don’t have an account.

Then you will see this once you log in or signup.


If you are doing this you can choose to do a presentation or do a photo collage I did a photo collage

There are many ways to do a collage by choosing different designs you want at the side.

This is my photo collage in order to this you can move the pictures on your desktop and drag it inside the collage you can size however you want and where you want to put it.

To write on your collage there is a “T” sign at the side and when you press it you will see the add a heading or subheading with this you will be able to write on your collage. 


You can choose to design on your own or do a collage design instead. Once you are done be sure to make a post on iblog and submit a link on google classroom of your post like I did.



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