Layer mask

I first searched a background picture and while I was searching for one I liked the picture then moved it to the desktop. I also searched for a silhouette of a boy which I also moved to my desktop.


I then went to applications and opened gimp. I then moved the pictures on my desktop to the gimp app.  As I moved the background and the boy silhouette. then I right clicked the bottom right and you will see an add layer mask option then when you press it, you can then add it.

Then I pressed the second square then went and pressed the paintbrush tool

In case of mistakes you can press the edit button and undo paintbrush it will the undo.

You can change the size of your paintbrush by pressing “size” up and down arrow.

I pressed the reverse tool which you can see from the picture.

As you can see I  reversed the image and currently pressing the move tool and it made me move the layer mask to the side.

I also scaled my picture my pressing the square line at the bottom right and it will resize your picture however you want it to be. The cat doesn’t really need to be scaled, because the picture is already edited so I only had to scale and move it.

I also moved everything using the move tool as you can see from the image that I screenshotted.

Then screenshotted using (command+shift+4) while I pressed the background so I would not show any lines I do not want to show. I will show the images that made me add the animals.


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