Search up the pictures that you would want to be on your tshirt and seach another background piciture to change the colour of the design you have.

Move your picture to your desktop and drag it to Inkscape.

You can then press path and trace bitmap at the top.  Then update and move the traced image to the side like i did.

You can then press object -fill and stroke

Go to “CMYK” turn off fill and press stroke paint. There is a solid square below stoke paint and press it.

Right click then duplicate your picture.

Move the duplicated picture to the other side.

Move your background picture to Inkscape as you can see the lines in front of the background picture.

Press object then go to “raise to the top” so the lines would be visible.

Move the lines to the front of your background picture you want to put it in.

Press and make a square inside your lines when you can see the tracing lines moving, press object – clip – set.

After you have done that step you will see you an image like mine.

Move your duplicated layer inside your clipped image.

Be sure to always check the nodes it is important for the detection of your image.

Then put it inside of the rectangle and make the lines align.

When your done go to files and save to desktop you will then be able to email it to your teacher.

Once your teacher received the picture, it will then be edited in Illustrator.

There would be a confirmation of the line detection if it will go once it’s cut on the sticker printer.

This is the printer where my sticker for the t-shirt was made.

You will then weed the cut parts using this tool.

You will then use this grey rubber to squeeze out the bubbles inside the sticker.


Once you are done you can proceed to remove the sheet.

Then add another sticker.

Heat up the printer.

Then put the shirt inside the bottom square

Then put your sticker in front to decide where to put it.

Take out the sticker and put it in front of your t-shirt.

And put the parchment in front of the sticker so it will not get burnt.

Then heat it up for a few seconds.

Once you are done it will look like this.

Your t-shirt will be dried off on a computer or anywhere so that it wouldn’t crumble.

Then you can proceed to wear it and take pictures with it.






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