Christmas Collage

Take pictures of the things that you’re supposed to use for the collage.

Then upload it on your collage by adding each of the pictures. Press the + sign at the right then upload photos from your computer or laptop.

Once you are done your picture will look like this.



Take a picture of a tree.

I used snapchat to edit my photo, I added a filter effect and some stickers.

Adobe raster


Open your picture from the desktop.

Use the crop tool to cut the picture at the right size.

Press the check at the top of your sreen


Use the spot healing tool to fix the photo.

Press the magnifying glass to zoom picture while working.

I’m pressing image-adjustments-vibrance

Adjust how you want the color of the picture to improve

Press the dodge tool for extra brightness of dark parts of your picture.

Press image then “photo filter”

You can choose different types of filters for your photo.

Take a screenshot of your picture when it’s done it will look like this.

Move your picture to your desktop and then goto file then place embedded you will see a check mark at the top to place the picture.

Go to image-adjustments-brightness/contrast to improve the lighting of your photo.

Once you open it you will see this to be able to adjust to your photo.

My picture improved and looked better.

Since I already showed you how to place your picture I will not say it again. For this, I discovered by going to Filter-camera raw filter. You can edit your own filter by using this.

You will see this and you can use the small triangle button to edit it.

When I finished the color became more vibrant.

Add your picture then add layer press the + sign at the bottom.


Press normal- soft light.

Press the opacity then change it to 25%

Press the color picker and then choose any color you want to use for your picture.

This is what my picture looked like when I’m done.

Search adobe spark in google then login – click collage.

Pick how many photos you have.

Once you chose a size for your picture you can choose different designs as you can see at the side of my picture.

Click add or the + sign at the sign then photo to “add” your own photo that you took. You will see an upload and you will find your picture there as you opened it.

I then finished adding my designs on the collage.