3D Print

Go to Digilab and sign in

Go to Thingiverse and find a thing you want to make.

Click thing files

Click Download all

Press the downloaded zip at the bottom.

You will then see this then press your zip.

You will see this and separate the zip and throw it out to the trash. You can now open it.

Once you open it you can see all of this. drag it to the side where you could see all of this.

Upload new then drag the pictures from the side to here it will then be downloaded here.

You will then press repair once you have pressed it you will see this.

Switch it to the name of your 3d printer that you currently have. Then fix.

You will see the downloaded file at the bottom don’t pay any attention to it as long as you made a copy.

Press layout

Right-click to move your picture, do not press the actual thing just press the plate or the sides. Then press on bed, center

Once you have done that you will see a change of the y and x it will show 000. Press save.

There will be another copy of your specific file.

Once you are done your layout ask for your teacher’s help with the slicing for the 3d printer and the materials you will need. This project got cancelled I made a different one instead but followed the same steps that I did here.