Understanding Humanity

While we all have different views and understandings, how are we able to understand exactly ‘conscience’ and explaining to someone what a conscience truly is if no individual has the same conscience.

As humans we are adaptable, understanding, able to love and we have a conscience. All in which an animal does not have. Each of theses qualities have huge meaning and we are able to appreciate and value them the more we compare ourselves to other species.


A conclusion could be made that the difference between animals and humans is huge. Although the number of differences between the two may be small, each of the individual objective qualities are massive.

Feeling human and being human is much different.

Being human is the ability to choose what we want to act like and be what we want to be, the ability to have free choice. We are able to feel remorse

As humans we have free choice.

We are able to recognize right from wrong, and are able to do what we believe is right. However we all have different opinions and although I believe that one thing is right, others may believe that it is the complete opposite.

The Lottery Ticket & Millstone for the Sun’s Day

The Lottery Ticket and Millstone for the Sun’s Day are two stories that both express the ideas of separation among people who are well known to one another. When the power of the lottery rose and began to take control over the victor, they begin to realize that they truly don’t know everything about the other.

Chekhov explains the feelings that these people had felt due to the impact that the lottery ticket had put not only on them, but as well as their relationship, examines the different emotions throughout the story.

This idea of winning a grand prize can easily begin to change the way people live their life and who they decide to spend their life with. These victors don’t think, they just act. The prize had put so much pressure on the couple and anger began to rise from each of them. By having these differing views on what they want to do with the money and the plans they wanted to achieve with this money were not the same in anyway. The uncertainty of whether they had won or not had been building up inside each of them almost as if this was consuming them and driving them apart from one another.

However the result of not winning had put relief on the couple and the separation had only briefly occured.

Throughout Wiebe’s story the capitulars plan for this lottery was to separate the two from one another, putting no guilt on himself and no guilt on the victor. They would have no clue as to what would be going on during this cruise. Almost as if they were entering a draw of uncertainty and lies.

Not only were the student and teacher briefly separated but they were physically separated from one another forever.

Milgram Experiment & Millstone for the Sun’s Day

Both Millstone for the Sun’s Day and the Milgram Experiment were primarily based upon the idea of obedience and the willingness to listen. It didn’t matter if what the superiors told them to do would harm others in the process, no matter who or what these orders may harm, the people must be willing to obey by the process.

While looking more in depth at Rudy Wiebe’s story we learn that these so called ‘winners’ of the lottery are the ones who must obey what the Capitular has told them to do. Throughout the story the little boy, Joey, was the lucky winner of this lottery, where it wasn’t until the end where he finally had to follow the instructions.

Joey had no clue as to what he was doing and why he was doing it, all he knew was what he had to continue to do what he always grew up learning to do. Children are constantly told to listen to their elders and do as their told, and that was exactly what the boy had done.

Although the Milgram Experiment was a test to see if the Germans were willing to obey their authorities, this process was trying to figure out an explanation for the Holocaust. To determine how far some people would obey others even if it were going to harm another person, also to see how easy it was for these people to be influenced.

These teachers simply had to listen to the orders from the researchers, be willing to shock and harm another person if they had answered incorrectly, continuing this process until the teachers felt so uncomfortable and concerned about the learner that they were “harming”.

Get Philosophical

In Sophie’s World she received a letter in the mail which had the words “who are you” written on it, which relates to the video ‘who am I? A philosophical inquiry‘. Which you is really you? Is it the you today, 5 years ago or the person you will be in 50 years and when do we determine who we are. What defines us, it be our body, thoughts, or actions. How can a single part of something be replaced yet still remain the same.


Who Am I?

Lost and Found?

As kids we were playing games such as hide n’ go seek as well as peek a boo, we grew up into a world with people who were not only pretending to be found but also pretending to be found. Why? Sophie had a ‘den’ which was in her garden, the den in which she could escape from the world, get lost in her imagination and away from the people around her, a place where she felt at home, where she could find herself. She was able to be free from worries and experience the wonder we all carry, which could be the many questions we hold. Everyone has to come up with their own answers to the many questions asked in life. As well throughout Sophie’s World there are many questions that either have multiple answers or have no answers. Who are you? Is there life after death? What happens when you know your certain? How do you live your life when you know your certain? What makes us the same, and what makes us different? Where does the world come from? Had God created himself from nothing? Has God always existed or did he have to have a beginning? At some point something must of come from nothing, it always was or came from nothing.

Equality-Pain & Pride Final Essay

There were two classes Jude and I were in together, Chemistry and Biology. Every Chemistry class I remember sitting on the left hand side of the room every glance I took to my right she was always right there. The days she was away, I felt alone and as if no one could make my day, just the slightest smile from her could make me go from a grouch to one of the happiest men in the world. How were I to know if I gave her that same rush that she gave me, how she made my heart beat ten times faster and how I always felt the need to impress her or maybe the fact that there was absolutely no one I would rather spend my time with than her.

From the beginning I knew Jude was the one, not just interested in her looks but also her honesty, loyalty, kind heart, how she was trustworthy and understanding, and that beautiful smile that seemed to show plenty when I was with her. She was the definition of beauty to me, inside and out from her personal qualities to her physical qualities.

Never believing that she was beautiful, she grew up thinking no one will ever fall in love with her, that shed be lonely forever.

She began to realize that there are people out there who do care, I proved to her that I loved her and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Jude growing up was the absolute most beautiful girl in high school and when I built up my courage to talk to her things couldn’t have gone any better but most importantly we wouldn’t be where we are today, living happy together with a son and a baby girl on the way. Jude was the love of my life the only woman who I wanted to come home to after a long day of work to only see her sound asleep on the couch with our son Luke. However the days felt like weeks and minutes turned into hours when I was away from my family, the times that I was with them time just seemed to slip away turning the days into hours and minutes into seconds feeling as if I had no time to spend with them.

Living in our dream house a couple of miles out-of-town in the country everything between us and our family seemed to be perfect. While I was just getting off work I got a call from Jude letting me know that her and Luke were going to go to her mothers and fathers where her dad would load up the stroller and crib to prepare for our little girl in a few months. While taking one step out of my vehicle after pulling into my driveway the sirens and lights of a fire truck and ambulance rushed by. I decided to think nothing of it.

As time went on Jude still wasn’t home yet and wouldn’t answer her phone. That’s when I grabbed my jacket and started driving over to her parents place, it wasn’t to long of a drive. As I started getting closer the back of the fire truck was pulled to the side of the road as well as a totalled vehicle upside down in the ditch to only drive closer and realize that it was my wives vehicle in the ditch.

With the blink of an eye she was gone just like that, having not only her slip from my fingers but both of my children as well. Not being able to say goodbye and being unable to create more memories, spending time with her or even being able to see her again it was al taken away from me. All I have left are these memories, the memories that I will cherish forever. I knew this day would come but I would have never expected it to come so soon. The biggest fear in life is not dying better yet the biggest fear is being alone. That was exactly what I was, alone.

I never knew something could hurt as much as this, but then again you never know the true feeling of anything until it happens to you. I know now that the only thing I needed in life was her and my family. She made me who I am to this day. But now that she’s gone I feel as if I’m going to be lost without her.

Fort McMurray Found Poetry

Afrika Road Response

I am not the only one who waits for the presence of someone to make use of me but the only one who waits in room 315 to witness the latest victim of who knows what, broken bones, illness, cancer, accidents. Covered in different layers of bed spread changed every time someone new comes in. I’m not the same as the other beds, they make use of the ones who are slowly coming to contact with pain, but I… I am for emergencies. Being able to witness life, strength, and courage of people who had made it, but also carrying the weight of a man who could no longer hold onto life and had to let go, feeling their cold tender skin against the sheets that push onto me.

I support and hold the weight of many different people varying from an old man who may be sick and not feeling well to a small child going through chemotherapy, no matter the situation I am always there, and same goes for all the other beds in this hospital. Having mattress base in three jointed sections so that head, foot or middle may be adjusted to the various shapes and sizes to make one comfortable and being able to recognize and feel their emotions. Having sides and rails that can be raised or lowered.

The experiences I witness are not all good, in fact some are rather devastating. Learning to care and love for a person and have them leave within a short amount of time or a rather long time. To soon realize that they don’t care for me, when through everything I was there for them. Whether their family came to visit, or their friends, or if no one showed up there was always me to support them and be with them through everything to comfort them, and soak in their tears.

Respond Creatively to Barney

September 10th. It was just the three of us now in our lab, Barbra, Jane and I. I’m surprised that Jane is still willing to stay and be involved in this type of project. She has been acting strange lately, getting quite attached to Barbra, almost starting to feel bad for the poor mouse. I can only imagine that Jane is beginning to consider Barbra actually as a pet of her own. Starting to play with this ‘thing’ more, but I cant let that happen. I can’t talk to her about it. She is going to take the mouses side. I only have two options if I want to continue with this experiment. Jane must leave or… Barbra and I leave her. Tomorrow.

September 11th. In my left arm Barbra is in her cage, and I’ve been walking around for hours now trying to find a place to stay, but it had to be done. I couldn’t let Jane ruin my plans. Walking deep into the tree filled area i run into what seems to be another lab, with a wishing well a few metres away from the front window. I began to walk inside but there seemed to been no sign of anyone in the building, until I ran across a note book which was already open on the very last page. September 11th, which said; “Poor Barney is dead an soon I shell be the same. He was a wonderful ratt and life without him is knot worth livving. If anyone reeds this please do not disturb anything on the island but leeve it like it is and shryne to Barney, espechilly the old well. Do not look for my body as I will caste myself into the see. You mite bringa couple of young ratts and leeve them as a living memorial to Barney. Females-no males. I sprayned my wrist is why this is written so bad. This is my laste will. Do what I say an dont come back or distrurb anything after you bring the young ratts like I said. Just female. Goodby”

September 14th. Woke up to the sound of something running around, it couldn’t have been Barbra because she was in her cage all night. Almost as if there were something else in this lab with us.

September 19th. I let Barbra go outside today to only watch her run away, in the way that something caught her eye. When I decided to sneak outside and find her, to see her with another of her kind. I didn’t know if I should let her be and see if she will let her spread her ideas, or take her away and leave so her ideas are just to her.

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