Hybrid picture

1.I got my picture from pexels.com and I took this 2 photo from pexels.com.     

2.I drag this two images to the computer and open it on adobe.

3. Then in the tool I selected Rectangular Marquee too and selected the face of the horse-> click edit on the top and copy

4. Then paste it on the dog-> then click layer on the top-> layer mask and hide all

5.  I used brush tool to reveal the face of the horse, but you have to know where the face of the horse.

6. Finish.



Find The 6 Difference

  1. I took a picture of newspaper at home and I send it to my email.
  2. Then I open my email and download the picture that I send. I used pixlr.com to edit my picture
  3. first thing that I did in pixlr.com is to open the image. I did that by clicking file->open image-> then select the image
  4. Then in the tool bar I selected band aid to remove a small part of the picture and I selected some part of the picture to change the colour using magic wand and type tool to add words or number.
  5.        < _ >     

Combo photo

  1. first I took of Jesus at my house and I took this picture outside my house      ->
  2. I open up pixlr.com and in the top of pixlr I click file->open image-> then I select the photo that I want to edit-> 
  3.  In the tool bar I used lasso  to delete the part that I don’t want
  4.   It will look like this   ->   Then I Click image->image size,I change my pciture to 200 width and 259 height. I went to file->pixlr cloud and click ok to save my photo.
  5.    I open up my other picture, then I click Layer ->open from library as layer-> new folder then I open up the picture that I edited.  Then I in the tool bar I used eraser to erase the white part           
  6.    From the tool bar again I used arrow to move Jesus closer to sunlight. Then on the right side I click this   to lower the capacity of Jesus.
  7. last step I merge the two picture and it will look like this

Changing colour

1. I took this picture outside of my house 

2.I open adobe Photoshop CS4 in the computer and then I open my photo in that editor.

3. I click the selecting square and I select the whole picture

4. In the top you will see image, I click that and after you click image you will see adjustment


5. Beside adjustment you will see this

6. I click Color  Balance in that I change the picture to purple and after Color Balance I click Brightness/Contrast in that I lower the brightness to make my picture very dark.

7. This is before  and   after 

Human rights violation-Philippines

When  Rodrigo Duterte became the president of the Philippines he declared martial law and suspended Habeas corpus. Isnilon Hapilon was the leader of the Isis grouped, He was captured and killed during the Philippines Armed Forces operation.Omar Maute and  Abdullah Maute   were responsible for planning the attack in Marawi city. Many innocent people got involved in  the war. The Islamist armed group Maute  attack Marawi city. The attack was after when Duterte declared martial law and suspended habeas corpus and when the Islamist leader were offensively captured.They killed three security force officers and burned several building including a hospital and a school. The Maute fighter reportedly took a priest and several others innocent people. The ISIS bombed the Marawi city, 15 people were killed in the Southern Davao city (Battle of Marawi). The military sent more troops when Rodrigo rejected the offer of Maranao religion and political leader to negotiate when the Maute groups. The Philippines Armed forces said 162 soldier had been killed in the fighting. The martial law happen in the Philippines, Marawi city in the Mindanao . The Mindanao is home to a number of Muslim rebel groups seeking more autonomy. This happen in May 23, 2017. 


When I learn about this on the news, I was thankful that this didn’t happen in Roxas city in the Philippines. This is were I live before we came to Canada. I still had auntie and cousin in there.


Image result Image result for battle Marawi cityImage result for battle Marawi city

A Conversation of Birds

  1. The promised, conflict between parents teenageers and Connection to our passed.
  1. “It was quiet, just the rattle of papers, the conservation of birds”.We always hear it, but just

         don’t know about it.

  1.  Something that hasn’t change.The result the is boring


  1. That’s because if there’s no one to speak up nothing is going to change.Learn about them   

        Or we can protest them.

  1. The Dad because he speak the speech at his bottom of his heart.


Josh is living in a small town. Both of his parents got really sick and died. Josh is living with his grandma in a small house. His grandma always took care of him when he was very young. When Josh grew up he was a really bad and lazy kid that didn’t love his grandma that much.


Josh had a bad habit. He liked to smoke everyday. Sometimes his grandma tried to stop him from smoking. His grandma works really hard to get him some food to eat. Josh was always hanging out with his friend who loved to smoke too. He always got home drunk and late. Then he always fought with his grandma.


Then one day Josh left his house in the morning to hang out with his friend. He got a called from a neighbor. The neighbor said “ Your grandma collapsed and she was taken to the nearest hospital.” Josh couldn’t believe what he heard! He had to get their really fast. When he finally saw his grandma, she was dead. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He was really sad because he forgot to say sorry for all thing the bad things that he did. He was walking home with nothing but tears on his face and a cigarette on his mouth.

Respond to the Story: “The Michelle I Know”

  1. The hero was Michelle. She start in the beginning not knowing herself and in the end she find the truth about herself. She  was on the hospital for two months and she was sick and tired, but didn’t give up.
  2. When she show the courage to fight back when Rob show up in the hospital.
  3. “We were each given a life”. You don’t throw that out like a garbage.”
  4. Humour is an important part of the story because laughing make yourself better.
  5. Alison Lohans call her story “The Michelle I know” because in the end of the story she know the truth about herself.


Q and A

Discuss how reading a song is different from singing it?

Reading a song is not really entertaining, but when you sing it you feel the sense of the music. It’s  faster to finish the song when I read it and a lot slower to sing the song.

What elements of your recording were most effective?

The things that make this project better are:

I worked in quiet room with my partner. This was good because if the room is noisy other people talk and laughing.

I practiced reading before doing the project. This help us to read correctly.

We both used Wevideo to record our voice. It help us to work and finish our video


Your song

It took one look
Then forever laid out in front of me
One smile then I died
Only to be revived by you

There I was
Thought I had everything figured out
Goes to show just how much I know
’bout the way life plays out…

I take one step away
then I find myself coming back to you
My one and only, one and only you…ooh…

Now I know
That I know not a thing at all

Except the fact that I am yours
And that you are mine

They told me that this wouldn’t be easy
And no
I’m not one to complain…

I take one step away
then I find myself coming back to you
My one and only, one and only
I take one step away
then I find myself coming back to you
My one and only, one and only