Three wishes

I wish for more wishes to help for people,than only wishing for three.Wishing for more wishes are better than three wishes,but i am talking about three wishes so for my first wishes is to help the charity for more food and money to give to the other homeless people that live in the street.So they don’t run out of food and money to buy the homeless people a shelter or blanket.But if you only wishes for people to give money you well not sure what they buying for that money maybe they will spend it for drugs and other things that it not good for there feeling and their body.So i wishes to help the sick people like have a cancer,but not only that have a cancer all the people living that have sick or a bad condition so that people well live longer and have healthy body.For my last wishes is to help the earth environment and human so the species they well live better with out harming them or abusing them and stop burning tree are part for my wishes with out tree the species live in the jungle or forests will run out of food or they cant build their habitat and for human is stop buying drug or other poisonos for the body.And thats all my wishes it basically about the human,earth and people have sick.

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3 thoughts on “Three wishes

  1. This is very good! Your wishes make a lot of sense, I agree that there should be wishes to make the sick better and to help the homeless to get better.

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