On the sidewalk bleeding

1)who is the protagonist?-Andy was the protagonist he was 16 years old he wore bright purple jacket and lettering across the black jacket and he has a girlfriend name Laura.

2)What is/are the conflict?-The conflict was when Andy went to buy a pack of cigarette and he got ambushed by a gang member and got stubbed.

3)What effect does Andy jacket have on the people who find him in the alley? -The jacket represent that he is part of a gang.

4)What are reason why these people do not help Andy?-The man did not help because he does not care and he was drunk.The old lady was deaf she could not hear Andy grunt.

5)At What points does Andy realize he is dying?-Andy realize he is dying when felt weak and very tired,he felt alone,wet in the rain and really chilled at that point he know that he is dying he felt sadness.

6)What does Andy with the last of his strength?-He take of his jacket because it was important for him so he rolled over he felt the pain in the stomach  he really want to take of his jacket because that jacket has only one meaning.

7)What is the police officers reaction to Andy?-The cop reaction he felt sad with Andy and he picked up the jacket and put it on Andy hand.


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