Combo photo

  1. first I took of Jesus at my house and I took this picture outside my house      ->
  2. I open up and in the top of pixlr I click file->open image-> then I select the photo that I want to edit-> 
  3.  In the tool bar I used lasso  to delete the part that I don’t want
  4.   It will look like this   ->   Then I Click image->image size,I change my pciture to 200 width and 259 height. I went to file->pixlr cloud and click ok to save my photo.
  5.    I open up my other picture, then I click Layer ->open from library as layer-> new folder then I open up the picture that I edited.  Then I in the tool bar I used eraser to erase the white part           
  6.    From the tool bar again I used arrow to move Jesus closer to sunlight. Then on the right side I click this   to lower the capacity of Jesus.
  7. last step I merge the two picture and it will look like this
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