Respond To The Profile

  1. John Goddard has spent his life trying to do everything on the list so that he live his life to the fullest.


     2) I think I would  have a mustache, blurry eye, white hair, cane and I would have a weak bone.


     3) The things I wanna do before I turn forty is to wield a sword, visit Japan to learn some of their language and explore their city, graduate highschool and college or university, get license driver so I can travel to some places, visit boracay, become a master of the game called rules of survival,  finish watching all the anime, build a small cabin and to see a cherry blossom blooming. The thing that I want to accomplish the most it to visit Japan to learn their some their and explore their city.


     4) I would choose to live of far-off adventure by myself because I want to accomplish more things on my own and learn to live on my own because our friend and family isn’t always on our side. Also I can forget about my mistake and problem in my life but I won’t just ignore it I will learn from that mistake. I might be scared to do this thing on my own but that fear it would only make me stronger.


     5) what I think is its very important because without it you will mostly abandon your goal. I think the easier to accomplish is to travel the whole country because if you had a job it is possible to travel the whole country, just work hard and save money. I think the hardest is to climb Mount Everest because it is way too cold and very hard to climb on.

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