The Blackmail

Knock! Knock! “Hey!! Marck can I come in?”

“Erick, what do you want to do today?” Mark ask.

“Let’s blackmail someone again just like the old days!” Erick said.

“Okay, let’s try to blackmail Dave. He is a horrible teacher for us and half in our class hates him because he gave us too much homework!” Mark replied

“What’s his number?” Erick asked.

“780-581-1111.” Mark replied.

“Got it, and how did you know his number?” Erick asked.

“Yesterday he told me that if I need help on our subject I could text him for help.” Mark replied.

“What should I say” Erick asked again”

“Say something about her kid that  got lost because I heard about that his daughter was lost. ” Mark replied.

“Okay.” Erick started calling.

“Hey sir,  we have your daughter.”

“Who’s this?” Dave asked.

“No need to know.” Erick replied.

“If you have my daughter please bring her back to us .” Dave asked.

“Not so fast Mr.Dave, first you need to give us money or else your daughter will be killed.” Erick said.

“Please I will give anything you want from me.” Dave said.

Erick quickly ended the called but the Blackmailing didn’t ended there. At 7:00pm in the night they called Mr.Dave again.


“Hello, Dave we forgot to tell you at what day and time you’re giving our money. Today at 12:00am you will go the school and bring your money and I will give you your daughter back and make sure no police with u or you daughter will be dead”

“Yes, sir I will but don’t hurt my daughter.” Dave replied.

But Dave is a really tricky guy  because his daughter is in his grandma house. His daughter had been already found yesterday. Dave quickly called the police and told them that a  two kids trying to blackmail me and I need back up to help out me tonight. The police quickly drove to Dave house. The police asked “ Where are those two kids that you were talking about?”

“They’re going to the school tonight at 12:00am and I got to be there.”


When 12:00am comes Dave and the quickly police drove to the school. When they got in the school they saw Erick and Mark. The police sneak behind them and quickly tackle both of them. The police handcuff  Erick and Mark. They took them to the police station and let them spoke for what reason why were they doing this.

Erick said “My mom got really sick and we live poorly I needed the money to buy her a medicine.”

“What about you kid?”

“I’m just here to help him out.” Mark said.

“Sense the both are one of my college student  I will give you a second chance to live freely and you won’t do this again.”

“Yes Mr.Dave we won’t do it again .” Erick said”.


After that night Dave asked Erick if they could meet in the park. Erick surely agree to what Dave asked. When they meet at park Dave asked Erick “if you need money you can work at my place I will pay you.”

“Thank you but my mom already passed away”. Erick replied
“So what’s your plan now kid?”.  Dave asked.

“My dad and I are moving to another cities today”.  Erick replied.

“Are you coming back?” Dave asked.

“Yes, I be coming back but a different person I promise I’m going to work hard in there and thank you again Mr.dave I had to go now.”


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