Central Logic Of Christianity

 In the video of Bishop Barron talking about the Central Logic of Christianity.  What is Holy? Holy is a divine life, a life devoted to God and the divine who protect our holy of holy. God is holy therefore you should be holy. According to Leviticus 19:2 “be holy for I the lord your God Am holy.” this bible verse means if God is holy we be holy.


When we love, we participate in the holiness of God. Prayer liturgy, sacrament, life of the saints, art & architecture. We might have a diving life of on us. In the evening life we should be judge on love.What is love? Love is not a feeling or sentiment, it’s an action (act of will). Love is to will the good of others as others. What does it mean to love? Love those who will not return the love. Pray for your enemies. This test the integrity of your love. God is love, that’s all he know. It means that he love the good and bad people too. Love should not be a calculation. Love should not be given just to those who give love to us.  


Leviticus 19:16  said “you should not bear hatred on your sister or brother in your heart take no revenge and grudge you shall love your neighbor in your heart”. You shall have respect to your neighbor, sister and brother. You shall not lie to your sister and brother. You shall not steal and deceive to your neighbor.


Corinthians 3:16 said “Do you not realize that you are the temple of God with the spirit of God living in you. We are where God lives. Not the building (church). We must be aware of how we conduct ourselves. We must keep his temple clean including our bodies, thoughts, wants, friend and relationship.

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