Why I am an egg.

Why am I an egg?

There are many reasons why I consider myself an egg. My yolk, my shell and personality are all related to the wonder life of an egg.

My yolk represents my inner beauty. Every egg may be plain on the outside but inside all those eggs are beautiful, yellow yolks. Inside of me is that same yolk, that beautiful yellow yolk and I love my yolk. Yellow is my happy colour and it brings me happiness when i’m triggered, that is why my yolk stays with me everywhere I go. My yolk is bright and happy and so am I.

My shell is plain and fragile and so am I. If you emotionally trigger me or physically hurt me my shell will crack and i’ll be a smashed egg, lonely and sad. Even though I have a fragile, plain shell on the outside I will always have my beautiful, yellow yolk.

That yolk makes my shell special because no matter what happens to my shell I will always have my yolk.

Salty eggs are my favorite type of eggs but the salt brings out the anger in me. I can be a happy little egg but if you trigger me I will become an angry egg by a drop of salt. I can be vicious when i’m angry and it’s not good but i’ll eventually be happy again all thanks to my little yolk.

These were all reasons why i’m an egg. My emotions and personalities can all relate the the egg life in every way. Now you know why I, Jessie Jeannine Bibeau, is a living egg.




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Author: jessie bibeau

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