Communication Skills

After you take the test add up the sum of the answers.

90-100 = You have a great grasp of communication with a thorough understanding of how and when to use problem solving skills in diverse conflict situation.

71-89 = You are a strong communicator who understands concepts of interpersonal concepts. There are still a few areas you could grow in.

51-70= You have a basic understanding of communication principles. However there is room for improvement in several areas of your communication approach  which will help you in different conflicts.

20-50= Your communication effectiveness is not what it could be. You have multiple areas of growth which need to be worked on in order for you to communicate clearly with others on a regular basis.

My personal strengths in listening is making direct eye contact an giving responses back when necessary. I always listen to everything they say and keep away from most distractions. My weaknesses are going on my phone and talking over the other person, raising my voice and giving negative feedback when the other person gives me attitude.


I took Louise’s test and I got 59% I can improve by listening way more than I should be and start understanding the other persons feelings


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Author: jessie bibeau

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