Happy Camper

Lately this year, teens have been facing many problems in their lives, technology is one of them. In today’s society, teens and many others have been addicted to looking at a screen, whether its an iPhone, tablet, television, laptop etc. they have been sucked into their cellular devices. This takes away their social life, sense of verbal communication and interaction with everyday lives. Another problem teens have been facing is bullying, body shaming, or being shamed for being unique and being themselves. Teenagers have been taught that if they are not skinny they are not pretty and other flaws but do not realize that everyone has flaws not just themselves.

Saying ” what’s wrong with teens today ” is bad because most teenagers these days are actually very bright and intelligent. Even though technology has been taking over teenagers have found a way to communicate with loved ones whom they miss, who live far away, and also a way to save someone. With cell phones teenagers can easily dial 9/11 without hesitation when someone is in danger and that was harder to do back then. Teenagers will grow stronger, brighter and more intelligent as the years go by.

Troubled students are more troubled than the adults generation because they have grown out of all their mistakes and have less of a life to live, but kids and teenagers are young and still developing and being troubled can put them down an awful lot and make it difficult for them to advance in life. If both you and your parents are in trouble it could be hard to find comfort when you need it which will make the situation harder to forget. With school, students because even more troubled, stressed out with fellow classmates, tests, drowning in homework, trying to get their grades up and struggling to pass through the year while parents have already managed to push through school and college.

In Canada women from the four western provinces were given the right to vote in 1916. In Ontario 1917, In Nova Scotia 1918, In New Brunswick 1919, in PEI in 1922, and in 1940 Quebec. In the USA women gained the right to vote in 1920.

When we go camping we always manage to clean up the site better than we found it and leave left over firewood for the next people to enjoy. A happy camper is someone who always has a smile on their face and likes to share their joy around with others who may need it or anyone in general. You will know you’re a happy camper when you take pride in what you do, push to accomplish more, and leave the campsite better than you found it without hesitation. Two adults who believe in me more than I believe in myself are my parents.


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Author: jessie bibeau

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