Instructions For A Bad Day

The term empathy is used to describe a wide range of experiences. Empathy is born with you and stays with you forever, but however, empathy can also be developed as the years go by. This means, as you age your empathy grows stronger for others and for yourself. Empathy can grow stronger when someone you know is upset and you begin to understand and communicate with how they’re feeling and you begin to feel it too. Sympathy however is feeling bad for someone. The difference between these two subjects, empathy and sympathy, is that empathy is feelingĀ  and understanding what the other individual is feeling and going through, sympathy is feeling bad for someone.

Empathy can be learned, as well as taught. Everyone, in some way and at some point in life, will be taught empathy or learn how to use empathy and how it works by themselves. Empathy can be learned through an instructor or a teacher, and also through everyday lives. Let’s say you have owned a dog before and recently it passed away but later on someone you know also had their dog pass away, you will feel bad for them and yet you will also understand their pain and you know how to react because you have experienced it as well, when this happened you learned a little bit about empathy without acknowledging it. Hopefully that example gave you a better understanding of how empathy works.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury. This gives you a quicker reaction to notice when something bad happens or when something goes wrong, this is an asset to empathy. An important part of your life is empathy. Why is it important you may ask? Well, empathy is important because without it, it would be tough to find comfort when you need it and it would be very sad it being able to find comfort for your self. It is important because it can help one another feel much better after an incident.

There is a shirt being spread around the internet and can also be bought in stores such as Walmart, Warehouse One and many other clothing lines and clothing stores. This shirt is ” the Faces of Vader “. This is what the shirt looks like. This is what peoples expressions would look like if we didn’t have empathy.


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Author: jessie bibeau

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