Does thinking of a “multiuniverse” get you wondering about heaven?

Steven hawking is a British scientist who came up with a theory of having multiple universes, so does this mean there are multiple heavens? Some people believe that there is only one and go by the words of the bible, while others may have conspiracies of their own and others may believe what others say. There are different perspectives on this and it really gets you thinking. If you are supporting the thought of more heavens existing, what are they like? What are they called?

St. Paul is one of the leaders of the first generations of Christians and he provided proof of having a ” third heaven “. If there is a third heaven, what are the other two? St. Paul suggested that the first heaven is the “atmospheric” heaven and is believed to be inhabited by the birds. The second heaven would be the “celestial” heaven that is inhabited by the many stars. The third heaven is called “empyrean” heaven or  the home of God.

When St. Paul referred to being caught up to the third heaven, he is simply indicating that he is becoming closer to the dwelling place of God which strengthens his relationship with the Lord himself. I believe in God and the story behind the bible therefore, I do believe that there is multiple universe and firmly believe in the idea of having a third heaven because it makes a lot of sense to me.

If my grandma were here, and able to experience the delight of a warm caramel-coffee muffin, she would say she is in “seventh heaven.” By saying this, she is clarifying that while eating that delicious caramel-coffee muffin, she is in the state of pure, intense happiness. My grandma would describe this situation with the specific biblical language because when she eats that muffin, a rush of enjoyment would go through her due to the exquisite taste of that muffin, the fact that she gets that muffin and that is why she would be in the seventh heaven, because she is happy.

Although the thought of many heavens is a heavily discussed topic, and acknowledged by St. Paul, the catholic church does not teach this theory. Most catholic church’s actually teach the idea of many different stages of heaven. The stage of heaven you receive in the afterlife is determined on how you live your life, how close your are to God and how open you are to the lord, by all means, live a good life and treat people with respect for a more efficient reward to look forward to when you have fully lived your life.


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Author: jessie bibeau

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