The Lord of the Flies

A fictional story about a group of young British boys who become stranded on a large island with nothing but each other and nature, takes place back in the year of 1952. The crash of the plane in which the boys travelled on has left a huge scar upon the island where most of the story has taken place so far. As they explore the place near the beginning of Chapter 1, they don’t find much rather then the decaying coconuts and broken saplings surrounding the deep and very dark forest. As time passes, they notice that island contains a beach leading into the lagoon that ends far out in the reefs, and one big block in the middle of the lagoon but no sign of the plane that crashed. They decide to take 3 peopl from the group and climb a mountain near the end of the island in which they find small details like trails that could have been left by an animal and flowers that look like candles- candle buds. They reach the top to discover fresh water falls and notice a distinguishing shape of the island, which sort of looks like a boat, or in some odd way a pig. They can see the scar from the mountain in which they can track where they are. The scar holds a platform that they have their meetings at beside the beach.

It all starts with a raging storm that interrupts the flight of many young boys coming from a school of some sort. The plane collapses on the island described above and a 12 year old boy names Ralph is the first to appear. The fair haired boy named Ralph comes face to face with a short fat kid named Piggy and they quickly become acquaintances. Ralph discovers a conch near the shore which has already been cut so you can sound a trumpet like noise, and later we discover that Ralph begins to blow the conch causing a loud noise. First, one little boy around 6 years old respond to the conch and emerges out of the darkness of the forest eating fruits. after a few more short blasts of the obnoxious conch, 3 more younger kids come running onto the beach where the rest of the group is, along with 2 twins named Sam and Eric. When silence breaks through the air, more teenagers march out of the woods in two parallel lines, all wearing square hats with a silver badge, a cloak draping over their shoulders as well. Turns out they belong in a choir. One boy stood out the most, he had an intimidating look in his eyes at all times and wore a gold badge indicating the leader of the choir.Image result for ralph and piggy

A course of events pass by and wildlife has now been seen. Pigs and wild boars scatter the island and they’re source of food comes down to capturing, and killing these pigs. Jack is the first to capture one, but while holding the steak high above his head, he hesitates and watches the pig run away from them. From this scene, a side of jack never seen before is unleashed yet he makes an excuse like he did before on page 23 when he was climbing the steep hill and couldn’t make it all the way up and continued to blame it on the roar of the conch shell. The pig wasn’t just a pig though, it was a baby piglet so that gave off a bit of empathy from jack to the piglet. The excuse he comes up with in this situation is that he was finding a spot where he was going to stab the piglet because of how the pig needs to bleed in order for it to be edible. He strings along beside simon and ralph back to the beach in humiliation of his actions.

Image result for baby pig wild

Ralph thinks that someone should be chief of the group. The conversation strikes up afterwards with Jack being confident that he should be the individual chosen as leader, and adds in the fact that he can sing C sharp. Rodger is the one who comes up with the idea that there should be a vote. The debate has now begun and the choir all votes for Jack, and everyone else puts their hands up for Ralph to be leader. Piggy hesitates to put his hand up for Ralph at first because of his weak attempt to stand up to Jack by exposing the nickname he didn’t want people to know, but eventually puts his vote for Ralph. Ralph ends up being chosen as leader because of his acceptance, responsibility and intelligence, and because he has the conch shell which you will later on find out resembles power. Although Ralph becomes the chief of the group, he allows Jack to stay in charge of the choir and allows him to select his job. The choir becomes the hunters and Ralph contains the power of the conch to sound out when he needs to speak or gather for an assembly. The person whom holds the conch has permission to speak.

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Author: jessie bibeau

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