Life’s Pressures – Lord of The Flies


When the choir boys emerge from the woods, the one red headed boy stood out the most. Jack is the leader of the group who wears the gold badge. When being a leader you have a lot of responsibilities and as for Jack, he feels it is his job to be in charge. An election is held for whom will become chief and Ralph is chosen but Jack decides that him and his group shall be in charge of hunting and providing the food. On page 31, Jack and two others, Simon and Ralph, went up the mountain and while they were up there they captured a pig and it was Jack’s job to kill it. With the steak held high above the piglet, Jack doesn’t kill it and watches it run free and is humiliated afterwards. This humiliation comes from him wanting to be prideful and being portrayed as the tough guy of the group with the intimidating look he carries around on his face. Another big decision made by Jack was choosing Simon to go up the mountain with him considering he faints and can barely make it from the forest to the beach. When it comes to starting a fire, this idea comes from Ralph and then Jack decides he wants to be in charge of it so he now has a lot of responsibilities to handle.Image result for jack lord of the flies

Jack’s choir has many members in it, and out of all the choir boys, Jack is the one who holds the gold badge and is in charge. He is only 12 years old and the story doesn’t provide much information about jack’s past but what you can comprehend from the given information is that Jack has experience with leadership. His pride of being a leader mainly comes from being the leader of the choir and also knowing how to handle decisions his own way. The fact that Jack brought a sizeable sheath knife makes me question his plans this day. None of the kids knew where they were going to end up so this could connect to his life at home and also past experiences could play a part in making him want to feel protected.

On an uncharted island, you wouldn’t think of much people or anything in your surroundings that could be annoying towards someone, in this case, Piggy is constantly on Jack’s nerves. This is an obvious pet peeve to Jack because he thinks Piggy never shuts up and when he doesn’t, Jack is the one to silence him. On page 42 Piggy stands up to Jack which really gets on his nerves and it creates a huge fight between the two. One thing that worries Jack is not getting rescued but as you continue reading, he seems to accept it a lot more than he did at the start of the book.

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Coming back to Jack’s pridefulness is an influence that could affect the way he acts in certain situations or even the way he thinks. The character of Jack Merridew comes across as an intimidating person you would not want to cross the wrong way. Being the alpha wolf of the pack is something Jack takes pride in and he enjoys being in charge and having that power, so when an opportunity comes along that involves strength, Jack is the first to jump into the job because he wants to prove his strength to the choir. The choir is also something that influences his decisions. Letting down someone you love is something not everyone is proud of, meanwhile Jack has the pressure of impressing his entire choir and wanting to again, prove his abilities to the rest of them and put  himself on top.

Seize the moment decisions can appear out of the blue and put you on the spot or you can have a chance for your light to shine. Whereas jack’s “seize the moment” decisions usually put him on the spot and twice now he has failed to seize the moment and make up an excuse as to why he failed. Earlier in the story Jack decided to begin his journey up the hill but returned shortly after claiming the blast of the conch shell made him fail and return. The second time Jack couldn’t kill the pig and said he was finding a spot to stab him but felt empathy in the moment.

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Author: jessie bibeau

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