Quotable Quote

In chapter five, page 91 during an assembly the conversation takes a turn to focus on ghosts and snatches the conch saying he didn’t vote for no ghosts. With a pause he spoke out quoting  “What are we? Humans? or animals? or savages? Whats grown ups going to think? Going off hunting pigs, letting fires out, and now!”  before being interrupted by Jack who continues to call Piggy a fat slug which breaks into intense argument. This quote has a lot of meaning but the main concern is whether they are humans, animals or savages. In our eyes, they are humans with savage like behavioral tendencies. Overtime that behavior starts to bend and become animal like, especially in the environment they were left  unexpectedly.

In 1960 an experiment called the BoBo doll experiment occurred. In this experiment children and adults of both genders were put in a room with a BoBo doll to study their attitudes after a short amount of time when left alone with the doll. A BoBo doll is a toy that gets up repeatedly even after being knocked back down. In the video linked above shows that both the boys and girls started showing random signs of aggression towards the doll, such as kicking down the doll repeatedly, throwing it, punching it and even hitting the doll with a mallet. The experiment proved animal like actions, some could even say “savage” like behavior. This reference somewhat answers the question that piggy asks in this chapter, are they humans, animals or savages?


Another theory covering the idea of human being animals is Evolution. Darwin’s theory of evolution. Darwin’s theory of evolution has two main points.”All life on Earth is connected and related to each other,” and this diversity of life is a product of “modifications of populations by natural selection, where some traits were favored in and environment over others,” was a quote stated by Brian Richmond. A brief idea of natural selection is a process where organisms adapt and survive in the environment where only few actually make it. This theory is basically that humans started out as an animal, or a primate. Primates are the group that contains all the species commonly related to monkeys, apes, and even include humans, so humans are basically animals in the eyes of Darwin.Image result for evolution

In the book, you can see a change in personalities and traits that Piggy could be pointing at when he mentions animals and savages. Earlier in the book Jack and his choir can be seen hunting constantly. When Ralph and Simon are building shelters, Jack is hunting exclaiming that they need meat which turns to an argument. Jacks choir is also in charge of maintaining the fire and watching it which is pretty difficult when Jack has the priority of catching pigs for meat which covers the second half of Piggy’s quote in this chapter. The children show a lot of animal like behavior but being stuck on an island with nothing but nature and each other, there is not a lot of options on what they can do to survive.


Life’s Pressures – Lord of The Flies


When the choir boys emerge from the woods, the one red headed boy stood out the most. Jack is the leader of the group who wears the gold badge. When being a leader you have a lot of responsibilities and as for Jack, he feels it is his job to be in charge. An election is held for whom will become chief and Ralph is chosen but Jack decides that him and his group shall be in charge of hunting and providing the food. On page 31, Jack and two others, Simon and Ralph, went up the mountain and while they were up there they captured a pig and it was Jack’s job to kill it. With the steak held high above the piglet, Jack doesn’t kill it and watches it run free and is humiliated afterwards. This humiliation comes from him wanting to be prideful and being portrayed as the tough guy of the group with the intimidating look he carries around on his face. Another big decision made by Jack was choosing Simon to go up the mountain with him considering he faints and can barely make it from the forest to the beach. When it comes to starting a fire, this idea comes from Ralph and then Jack decides he wants to be in charge of it so he now has a lot of responsibilities to handle.Image result for jack lord of the flies

Jack’s choir has many members in it, and out of all the choir boys, Jack is the one who holds the gold badge and is in charge. He is only 12 years old and the story doesn’t provide much information about jack’s past but what you can comprehend from the given information is that Jack has experience with leadership. His pride of being a leader mainly comes from being the leader of the choir and also knowing how to handle decisions his own way. The fact that Jack brought a sizeable sheath knife makes me question his plans this day. None of the kids knew where they were going to end up so this could connect to his life at home and also past experiences could play a part in making him want to feel protected.

On an uncharted island, you wouldn’t think of much people or anything in your surroundings that could be annoying towards someone, in this case, Piggy is constantly on Jack’s nerves. This is an obvious pet peeve to Jack because he thinks Piggy never shuts up and when he doesn’t, Jack is the one to silence him. On page 42 Piggy stands up to Jack which really gets on his nerves and it creates a huge fight between the two. One thing that worries Jack is not getting rescued but as you continue reading, he seems to accept it a lot more than he did at the start of the book.

Image result for jack and piggy

Coming back to Jack’s pridefulness is an influence that could affect the way he acts in certain situations or even the way he thinks. The character of Jack Merridew comes across as an intimidating person you would not want to cross the wrong way. Being the alpha wolf of the pack is something Jack takes pride in and he enjoys being in charge and having that power, so when an opportunity comes along that involves strength, Jack is the first to jump into the job because he wants to prove his strength to the choir. The choir is also something that influences his decisions. Letting down someone you love is something not everyone is proud of, meanwhile Jack has the pressure of impressing his entire choir and wanting to again, prove his abilities to the rest of them and put  himself on top.

Seize the moment decisions can appear out of the blue and put you on the spot or you can have a chance for your light to shine. Whereas jack’s “seize the moment” decisions usually put him on the spot and twice now he has failed to seize the moment and make up an excuse as to why he failed. Earlier in the story Jack decided to begin his journey up the hill but returned shortly after claiming the blast of the conch shell made him fail and return. The second time Jack couldn’t kill the pig and said he was finding a spot to stab him but felt empathy in the moment.

The Lord of the Flies

A fictional story about a group of young British boys who become stranded on a large island with nothing but each other and nature, takes place back in the year of 1952. The crash of the plane in which the boys travelled on has left a huge scar upon the island where most of the story has taken place so far. As they explore the place near the beginning of Chapter 1, they don’t find much rather then the decaying coconuts and broken saplings surrounding the deep and very dark forest. As time passes, they notice that island contains a beach leading into the lagoon that ends far out in the reefs, and one big block in the middle of the lagoon but no sign of the plane that crashed. They decide to take 3 peopl from the group and climb a mountain near the end of the island in which they find small details like trails that could have been left by an animal and flowers that look like candles- candle buds. They reach the top to discover fresh water falls and notice a distinguishing shape of the island, which sort of looks like a boat, or in some odd way a pig. They can see the scar from the mountain in which they can track where they are. The scar holds a platform that they have their meetings at beside the beach.

It all starts with a raging storm that interrupts the flight of many young boys coming from a school of some sort. The plane collapses on the island described above and a 12 year old boy names Ralph is the first to appear. The fair haired boy named Ralph comes face to face with a short fat kid named Piggy and they quickly become acquaintances. Ralph discovers a conch near the shore which has already been cut so you can sound a trumpet like noise, and later we discover that Ralph begins to blow the conch causing a loud noise. First, one little boy around 6 years old respond to the conch and emerges out of the darkness of the forest eating fruits. after a few more short blasts of the obnoxious conch, 3 more younger kids come running onto the beach where the rest of the group is, along with 2 twins named Sam and Eric. When silence breaks through the air, more teenagers march out of the woods in two parallel lines, all wearing square hats with a silver badge, a cloak draping over their shoulders as well. Turns out they belong in a choir. One boy stood out the most, he had an intimidating look in his eyes at all times and wore a gold badge indicating the leader of the choir.Image result for ralph and piggy

A course of events pass by and wildlife has now been seen. Pigs and wild boars scatter the island and they’re source of food comes down to capturing, and killing these pigs. Jack is the first to capture one, but while holding the steak high above his head, he hesitates and watches the pig run away from them. From this scene, a side of jack never seen before is unleashed yet he makes an excuse like he did before on page 23 when he was climbing the steep hill and couldn’t make it all the way up and continued to blame it on the roar of the conch shell. The pig wasn’t just a pig though, it was a baby piglet so that gave off a bit of empathy from jack to the piglet. The excuse he comes up with in this situation is that he was finding a spot where he was going to stab the piglet because of how the pig needs to bleed in order for it to be edible. He strings along beside simon and ralph back to the beach in humiliation of his actions.

Image result for baby pig wild

Ralph thinks that someone should be chief of the group. The conversation strikes up afterwards with Jack being confident that he should be the individual chosen as leader, and adds in the fact that he can sing C sharp. Rodger is the one who comes up with the idea that there should be a vote. The debate has now begun and the choir all votes for Jack, and everyone else puts their hands up for Ralph to be leader. Piggy hesitates to put his hand up for Ralph at first because of his weak attempt to stand up to Jack by exposing the nickname he didn’t want people to know, but eventually puts his vote for Ralph. Ralph ends up being chosen as leader because of his acceptance, responsibility and intelligence, and because he has the conch shell which you will later on find out resembles power. Although Ralph becomes the chief of the group, he allows Jack to stay in charge of the choir and allows him to select his job. The choir becomes the hunters and Ralph contains the power of the conch to sound out when he needs to speak or gather for an assembly. The person whom holds the conch has permission to speak.

Qualities of a Political Leader

Not only does a leaders political perspective impact the mind of a voter, but characteristics of their personality help make a political leader a great one. What is a political leader? Well, a political leader is a representative in charge of leading a nation, sometimes apart of a group or political party  for example, Canada’s current Prime Minister Trudeau from the Liberal party. A brief understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a political leader include making effective, and possibly life changing decisions, fulfilling the needs of the people who trust you to do whats right, and making a difference, which can not be easy. 
Image result for political leadersAll aspects of good leadership stems from honesty. An honest leader, aside from being sincere with everyone, is also strengthening your bond with the citizens of your nation. With a strong bond develops towards an abundance of trust which can lead people to feel comfortable bringing up issues or ideas with you and trusting you to look into it. All of this begins with the honesty of a great leader who is willing to be truthful.

Any honest leader should be a brave leader on the other hand. Bravery is something that can, and should be shown with pride. For Winston Churchill that was easy. His bravery was revealed from the times he spent protecting his country. Back in the early 1940’s, Churchill lead Britain through World War II and even refused to give in wether things were going bad or not to protect his nation.Image result for winston churchill

Another ideal quality that any leader should obtain is  great brilliance. Without a doubt, a person with a good education of politics has an understanding of the basic history and knows their rights from wrongs. Intelligence is a key point of leadership but can lead you to make smart choices and moves that will benefit others. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a far reaching vision able to look ahead and he understood how to get to where he thought we should go, and by this he led the US through the Great Depression and World War II with the knowledge of what he wanted to do.

Image result for franklin d rooseveltImage result for napoleon bonaparte

With great power comes great responsibility, and sometimes great responsibility means putting your nation before you. As a leader, your duty is to care for the nation you direct. Patriotism is something that should be spread across your country through supportive citizens and more specifically a great political leader. Back in 1812 Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Russia to expand his country. To me, Bonaparte was one of the best nationalists and one of the greatest political leaders to live. He had eventually consolidated his hold on France, had taken control of Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and most of Western Germany and northern Italy.

Growing connected to the work you do everyday is a passion and when that passion burns strong enough it becomes dedication. Being dedicated to doing what you love is something everyone should do, but a political leader should be dedicated to becoming the best leader they can be, not only for themselves but for their nation. Of course that enthusiasm can start way back and become stronger as you get more involved. Although dedication is a key element, experience comes into play too. In the eyes of others, someone with past experience can be far more convincing and help people feel more secure knowing that the leader of their country knows what they are doing.

The last key point is flexibility, this meaning you are open minded to all sides of the story and open to listen to all point of views. A citizen should not feel that they aren’t heard or that they don’t have a voice so as a political leader it is your responsibility to hear everyone out and make everyone feel excepted. This could also help citizens come together and share ideas on how to become better as one nation. A great political leader would have most, or even all of these qualities to become the best.



As in the beginning

As  in the beginning is a poem created by a woman named Mary  Di Michele which retells events that indicates regret, anger and bitterness. The poem conveys a story about a person who has lost a limb, and the message it gives off is about how when someone we love and care for is injured, we can emotionally feel his/her pain and it becomes ours in a way.

This poem takes place when a man with two hands gets one stuck in the belt. He loses a finger and has to pay around $350 to get a flat sum. When the hands belong to the man’s father, it makes him cry because of the upsetting occurrence and it becomes his own pain. He then wishes the incident happened to him other then his fathers hands and talks about how they were in the beginning, when his hands were whole, open and warm.

Speaking of this, what makes a person whole? For a person to be whole we need to have a soul, your soul is what makes you who you are. Your soul is a big part of you and remains to stay as who you are when you pass and remains alive after death. Having a soul makes you human. Being “whole” doesn’t mean having an entire body, it means having a brain that can get you a bright future later on in your lifetime, having a warm helping heart when someone needs you the most. Being whole means being who you are and having all the right adaptions and requirements used as a human being.

In this poem, the first 9 lines state the story that tells what happened to his/her father and explains what has happened and what needs to be done. As this goes on, eventually the story has a slightly drastic change in scene. The poem gets unusually sad and the son/daughter begins describing the empathy she/he has for her father and wishes it didn’t happen. The speaker begins to overstate the situation once he/she begins to cry. To overstate a situation means to over say it, to over due your thinking/talking, to make it more dramatic then it needs to be. Yes it may be sad, but sad enough to cry? I don’t believe so, although it is a sad story.

The speaker addresses where she/he is feeling most upset when he/she begins to tear up. When she wishes all that has happened has came her way. She wishes to have her fathers hands back that broke the bread for them at the table, which were young before the incident. The line in this poem that really gets to me is when she wishes that she could have her fathers hands when they were whole, open and warm, as they were in the beginning. The significance in this title is wonderful because it tells the story and finishing line about how much her father meant to her and the pain she feels deep inside due to a family members injury, how they were in the beginning.

Does thinking of a “multiuniverse” get you wondering about heaven?

Steven hawking is a British scientist who came up with a theory of having multiple universes, so does this mean there are multiple heavens? Some people believe that there is only one and go by the words of the bible, while others may have conspiracies of their own and others may believe what others say. There are different perspectives on this and it really gets you thinking. If you are supporting the thought of more heavens existing, what are they like? What are they called?

St. Paul is one of the leaders of the first generations of Christians and he provided proof of having a ” third heaven “. If there is a third heaven, what are the other two? St. Paul suggested that the first heaven is the “atmospheric” heaven and is believed to be inhabited by the birds. The second heaven would be the “celestial” heaven that is inhabited by the many stars. The third heaven is called “empyrean” heaven or  the home of God.

When St. Paul referred to being caught up to the third heaven, he is simply indicating that he is becoming closer to the dwelling place of God which strengthens his relationship with the Lord himself. I believe in God and the story behind the bible therefore, I do believe that there is multiple universe and firmly believe in the idea of having a third heaven because it makes a lot of sense to me.

If my grandma were here, and able to experience the delight of a warm caramel-coffee muffin, she would say she is in “seventh heaven.” By saying this, she is clarifying that while eating that delicious caramel-coffee muffin, she is in the state of pure, intense happiness. My grandma would describe this situation with the specific biblical language because when she eats that muffin, a rush of enjoyment would go through her due to the exquisite taste of that muffin, the fact that she gets that muffin and that is why she would be in the seventh heaven, because she is happy.

Although the thought of many heavens is a heavily discussed topic, and acknowledged by St. Paul, the catholic church does not teach this theory. Most catholic church’s actually teach the idea of many different stages of heaven. The stage of heaven you receive in the afterlife is determined on how you live your life, how close your are to God and how open you are to the lord, by all means, live a good life and treat people with respect for a more efficient reward to look forward to when you have fully lived your life.


The New House

The New House is a poem created by an american poet named Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou was an American author, actress, screenwriter, dancer, poet and civil rights activist. She was best known for her memoir written in 1969, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, which made  history as the first nonfiction best-seller by an African.


The new house tells a story about memories and stories that can be left behind in a home. From the looks of this poem, the author is talking about someone moving to a new house wondering what memories, what words and what story will crash against the walls and halls of the new house.

With this being said, do people exist behind a physical presence? Every human has a soul and that soul makes them who they are therefore, without a physical presence their soul is still existing. When a person dies, their soul becomes apart of the afterlife and they are still existing but can not be seen. When you lose a friend or family member, their presence stays with you because they have an existing soul. When you pass away, your presence will still be made.

The significance of the title “The New House” can tell an outstanding back story because you never know what has happened in a house you currently live in, a house you are visiting or a new house you are moving into. Parts of you are left in the old house and new memories are ready to sprout once you reach your new destination.  For example, the author talks about what feelings long since dead and what words have smashed against these walls. This could tell a brief yet deep explanation of her story. Maybe there has been past family members who have passed, maybe a before owner of the house passed. Maybe some hurtful manners have crashed along the walls.

Maya Angelou tells an amazing story through a short subtle poem about some good and possibly bad memories in her house and wonders what will come next later on in life in the new house.



The uncertainty principle is a principle that the momentum and position of a particle can’t both be accurately determined at the same time. To be uncertain is to not be able to rely on something very heavily and that is where this discussion takes place. The uncertainty principle was founded by German physicist Werner Heinsenberg in 1927.

Werner Heinsenberg was born December 5, 1901 in Wurzburg Germany. Werner married a woman named Elisabeth and had 7 children. Werner began studying science and was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics 1932 for all his research and application to the Uncertainty principle.

What does the uncertainty principle teach us? The Heisenberg uncertainty principle teaches that it is physically impossible to measure things exactly. For example it’s nearly impossible to measure the exact location of  an electron, neutron, particle and more. Although you can not measure something exactly correct, this does not mean it doesn’t exist. Having faith in someone or something is believing in them and having confidence in whatever it is you have faith in. When you gain faith for someone or something, you should trust yourself to believe it exists without having proof of it’s existence or without even being able to see.

People have came across the subject that God exists out of time. This means that God has always existed before time was created and would even exist if all time ended. God is with us through the present, he was with us in the past and will be there in the future. God is stronger than time and superior to all time existing because God has a never ending life. Everything in our surroundings is God, he has a path for every single one of us if we make the decision to follow it. God lives through our hearts and has made the earth the wonderful place it has become today and I am grateful to be alive because God has given me the gift of life and I won’t take that for granted.

So with the uncertainty principle, could we measure to see if God existed? Again, it would be very very complex and impossible. Doing this would also question our bond with the Lord. Why would we need measurements to believe in God? That’s where the uncertainty comes to place. Yes God created the earth, Yes the hominid had the first thought, but how do we know he really exists? Although the only proof we have that god really exists is that earth came from something outside of time and the universe and will most likely end the same way. Being uncertain about something is like having a second thought and not knowing what to chose, but with a question like this, always chose God. 

What does it mean to be human?

Being human has multiple meanings and has many adaptions that are unique to other animals and objects. Us humans, can feel emotions that other living things may not be able to feel. Humans can perform actions and procedures that other living creatures can’t do.

Humans adapt to their environment. If a human was ever stranded, he or she, could find the materials to create a fire for cooking foods, staying warm and constructing objects and hunting material with wood. There is no other animal that could possibly do that besides the human species. Another adaptation us human beings have is that we use water in unique ways. Humans began using water for irrigation to help grow crops for us to eat. Are there any other species that acts in such a manner? The answer is no, I don’t believe there is.

Humans have different emotions from other living creatures, we can sense others sadness, we can tell when another person is happy, we can sense when other people may be nervous. We have empathy for others. What is empathy you may ask? Well, empathy is the ability to understand and share feelings of another. Yes animals can feel sad or happy, but do they have empathy? Can they sense what others are feeling? Studies show that having empathy classifies as a human trait, but there are some exceptions. For example if you have two pet dogs who have lived with each other for years and one passes, the remaining dog could be sad for both himself and the other dog.


People can accomplish many different tasks such as using pots and pans to cook from constructing cars for easy transportation. There are so many possible elements that could be discussed and it is truly amazing to see what humans have produced over the years. Phones, makeup, televisions, clothes, printers etc. No other living animal alive could do the things us humans can do.

Postulates of Faith Discussion

1. Can something come from nothing? no. Everything has to had come from something.

2. Does God Exist? Yes God exists.

3. Do humans have immortal soul? Yes humans have immortal souls if there is an afterlife then we will live on.

4. Do humans have free will? Yes we can make our own decisions if we want to.