I’ve Got Gloria- Short Story

Empty Heart


Men are evil. Only If men didn’t exist my mother would be still alive. Only If I was there to save her. Only If she’s here with me, my life wouldn’t be a disaster. Without my mother, I have to live with some strangers I have to call family. I don’t think it’s normal to lose a mother at the age of 9, it was 5 years ago since the incident. I hate when people pretend to care about me but in the reality they don’t appreciate the way I am. When people are trying to tell me to smile but why would I smile if I am not happy? I would smile if my mother was around, why did my life end up like this?

“Hey Amellia! You are finally came back!” Oh no not again, why does he keep trying? I have to fake smile all the time I see him. I am so done with him I need to do something in order for him to stop trying to be friend with me. The next day has passed.  During the gym hours, where everybody has to leave their shoes in front of the door. While he was gone, I tied the the shoes together and threw it on a tree, where the shoes tangled one the branch. After I did that he witnessed what I did, his face was surprised. My inner self was relieved but at the same time, I am in so much trouble. Eric fled and reported it to the teacher about the incident. I got called from the office, I had to explain everything what happened. “Why did you do this Amellia?”            

“Is there something the matter?” asked by the principal. “I apologized for what I did, I don’t know what got to me” I responded. For what I did, I got 2 days in school suspension. As I walk outside the office I saw Eric, he smiled at me. Which I was very confused, it made me think if there is something wrong with him. I mean I got his shoes stuck on a tree. In that moment, I was curious about him. So I kept my eyes on him for a bit, after observing Eric. I didn’t see any problem about him, he’s seemed pretty normal. It was a complete waste of time on my hand, maybe I was overthinking. I went to my locker and I saw Eric sitting down on the bench. I cannot express about what I saw. I see Eric with tears running down his face, deep inside I felt guilt.

The moment he teared up, I also started to tear up. I did not understand how can he keep this up about being living normal, about keeping a straight smile. I went and stand in front of him and asked “Why do you do this?” “Because I promised to myself to always move forward, always look straight.” “I can’t look back, because I am not going there.” In that moment I realized he is right. I can’t be living always worrying about the past.

John Goddard: Respond


1 A) In life we always have wishes and we want to make those dreams become reality. That is John Goddard is trying to do, he wants his life list to become reality. He wants to complete his life list because he wants to be successful in life and live life to the fullest. John Goddard has his life list because life is short, enjoy while it last.

    B) I do travel around the world from time to time but I don’t do the things that John Goddard does like skydiving. It would be a difficult life for me if I do the things that John Goddard does. I would be living with my relatives and spend time with them.

   C) My list isn’t that special but here is my top 10 I would do before my forty.

  •    Finnish High school
  •   Get a job
  •   Find a fine lady
  •   Have 3 children
  •   Get my relatives to move here in Canada
  •   Buy a mansion
  •   Learn the language Japanese
  •   Visit the location when the titanic sunk
  •   Touch the basketball rim
  •   Be an Icon

If people don’t laugh at your dreams , your dreams aren’t big enough,

   D) If I could choose between a life of far-off adventure by yourself or staying in one place with friends and family, I choose staying with friends and family because they are all I have. They made me who I am as a person right now and they were there beside me while growing up. It’s just right to repay them back from all their sacrifices, I’m not just going to leave them all behind after all we have been through.

  E) I think it would be nice to have a life-list to accomplish what you want but you are going to need a lot of motivation to do the list. I think the easiest one to accomplish is reading the bible from cover to cover, it would take 70 hours I think he could do that easily. The hardest one to accomplish is to read the works of Shakespeare, he has 37 plays and 154 sonnets. It would take a great deal of time to finish Shakespeare’s works.

I’ve Got Gloria- Respond

                        I’ve Got Gloria


  1. Scott is over exaggerating about the whole situation, about his father being cruel even though Scott he is the one being cruel. Scott is trying to prove that his evil red headed teacher is evil for flunking him, even though Scott admitted he did not study. The father is just trying to help his little boy for admitting the mistakes he has done, he’s saying that every action you take you need to be ready for the consequences.
  2. I think Scott would have regretted that he totally blew his chances in the past for not studying, only if he would have realized sooner that Mrs. Whitman did not flunk him on purpose.
  3. It was a summer vacation on my way to hawaii, my mom and I had separated seats. Yes I had to sit with a stranger, I had to seat with this long blonde hair chick with glasses. She was on her macbook the whole time, so there was no interacting between us. Halfway to through the flight, I was feeling sleepy. I was thinking there was still a few hours till we get to hawaii, so I closed my eyes and I have no idea how long I was passed out for. When I opened my eyes, I noticed my head was tilted in the wrong way. I then realized that my head was on the blonde chicks shoulder, I was so embarrassed because I have no clue what I was doing while unconcious. I then apologized as many as I can, but she was cool with it she did not react in such a bad way. For the rest of the flight I slept my eyes open.
  4. In Scott eyes Mrs. Whitman is an evil teacher that flunks him, because she only has hatred towards Scott. Being a kid we would only think about our desires, we don’t think about our actions. Protagonist’s views can help to shape how we view different characters, because the protagonists over exaggerated about different characters by the characters getting in their way. Protagonist describes the antagonist as they are the one being evil, even though there the one is doing the bad thing.

In Search Of Self

In search of self


The director Joe Wright created Hanna as a 16 years old girl, she grew up in the woods with her father. Hanna was created in a research facility, in the rural area of Poland, where they had scientifically created babies that have reduced capacity for fear, for pity, yet increased muscle strength and anything else that would make a better soldiers. Hanna was a human first before being a soldier, you can not get rid of fear or pity, it’s what makes us humans.

Hanna is always curious about the outside world, she reads the fairy tales that her mother left her. Hanna’s father reads the facts about the world in order for her survival, but Hanna is interested more about in fiction stories. Hanna’s very stoic just like her father, she is stoic because stoicism is a tactic of hiding your emotions. Hanna has a lot of courage after all the bad wolves she fought she always end up the last person standing. Hanna and her father also share a special bond between father and daughter, without Erik, Hanna wouldn’t be alive on her own. Hanna also trusted her friend Sophie, at the beginning she was not sure but as the time come she was honest about who she is.

Hanna’s joyful around Sophie, It’s her first time in her life to ever meet a person that has a crazy personality like her. She experienced a different kind of love when she met Sophie, Hanna always wanted a friend but not as unique as Sophie. Hanna had a fear of the evil witch Marisa, she thought she eliminated her but she was a live all long. Hanna thought Marissa came back to life like a zombie. Hanna overcame the fear when she found out the truth and finally put the evil witch down. Hanna also have pity when she found out Grimm had died, Grimm was her friend that she trusted. Hanna also experienced pity when she shot Marissa and the caribou but she says “I just missed your heart” an evidence that she feels empathy. Hanna has a darker side when she doesn’t hesitate when kills people, most of us wouldn’t have a courage to kill someone. Hanna was created supposedly to be a perfect soldier and she was trained by her father Erik to Adapt or Die.

Others see Hanna as a person that lives on a completely different universe. Hanna hunts for her food in order for her to survive, others or us go to a marketplace and get our food supplies from there. Hanna finds her happiness when she reads the fairytale book, that is just an evidence that Hanna has emotions. Hanna wanted to go outside the walls in order to find the truth about her mother and about herself. Hanna’s goal is to find the envy evil green witch, in order to find the truth about her mother and her.

So in the end Hanna found out the truth about her mother, father and herself. Hanna has improvements to her physical body but you she still carries pity and fear in her. Due to Hanna’s being a perfect soldier, you cannot ignore being a human first. We pretend to do things to makes us look good, but we don’t do the things that makes us ourselves.


My goals in life

I decided to do a Bucket list for my second assignment, which includes taking different varies of picture from the internet. I use this tool Befunky to create the bucket list project.


Step 1: After reading the instruction in the link given from the classroom, the link took me to this website befunky, where you can edit your assignment.

Step 2: I organized the tiles by deleting individual title to look like the layout that is shown in the image.

Step 3








The assignment that I am going to be doing is combophoto, it involves from finding two different images and combine them.

Step 1: Find 2 different images, I acquired mine from pexels.

Step 2: I use Adobe Photoshop CS4 as my editing tool. I erased the other half of the first person and adjusted the photo to make them look as one.

Step 3: I erased the the background of the both images, to make the image as realistic as possible. 


Vintage Photo

The assignment that I chose for my CTS is to pick a vague photo, apply a vintage effect and write a meaningful message.

Step 1: Pick a bad or a blurry photo, I got my image from pexels and I edited it in pixlr.

Step 2: I inserted the picture to pixlr to edited it, I changed the filter to old photo in order to look vintage as possible.

Step 3: Find a meaningful message or a quote, and insert into the image. I made my own quote myself.


Step 4: Adjust the message into a spot you want and thus my final project.

Colour Change Assignment 1

On my first project I decided to do the Colour Change

Step 1: I took this beautiful picture with my phone and I’m changing the colour with adobe Photoshop CS4.


Step 2. I select half of the sky and changed the curves of the image making the clouds darker than the rest of the image: adobe photoshop CS4 -> image-> adjustments-> curves-> and adjusted the curves of the image. 

step 3. In the image below I adjusted the colour balance of the image to make the part of the sky where the sun meets the horizon: adobe photoshop CS4 -> image-> adjustments-> colour balance-> and make it darker to add more of a warm vibe to the picture.

Step 4. In this last image I made the grass completely green: adobe photoshop CS4 -> image-> adjustments-> colour balance-> which made the colour of the grass much more green then the original image. 

And that image above is the final masterpiece that I have created through photoshop. 

Human Rights Violation

There’s plenty human rights violations around the world, but the human rights violation I am researching Death March based on my country I was born in. Death March was a very brutal event for the prisoners. Death March occurred during World War II in 1942, the Philippines and U.S.A joined forces against Japan. The prisoners from Japan has to march 66 miles, prisoners received little food or water and most of them could not keep up so they were killed in the spot. Anyone who asked for food would also get killed and some prisoners gets randomly stabbed by bayonets or beaten. As soon as they arrived to the location, they have to get on a train. It was also summer, the weather was hot and humid, hotter than a boiling pot. After they arrived the destination, they are forced to march 14 miles, 80,000 was in the march, more than half did not survive. All of this information is from Wikipedia, it has most of the information.

The magazine version of Death March, the cover shows the 75th anniversary of the event and there is other actresses/actor. The article was not specific, the article completely avoid the brutal incidents. The article shows the distance of the march, but it does not show what happened to the march. The magazine only summarized of what happened to the prisoners of death march. The magazine is there for us to remember the War and the people that had suffered and died during the event. 

The book Tears in the Darkness: The Story of the Bataan Death March and its March, there is a protagonist in the story. A young cowboy turned sketch artist from Montana who joined the army to see the world. The book and Wikipedia had a different amount of prisoners, the book has 76,000 people and Wikipedia has 80,000. The source that has more information is Wikipedia, the article shows what happened during the journey. The magazine shows how many years has passed during the war. It’s important to use more than one sources is because most sources are biased or have a few information. It’s also important, because every sources has different information.



Cats in the Cradle

My child arrived just the other day  

He came to the world in the usual way

But there were planes to catch, and bills to pay

He learned to walk while I was away

And he was talking ‘fore I knew it, and as he grew

He’d say, I’m gonna be like you, dad

You know I’m gonna be like you

And the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon

Little boy blue and the man in the moon

When you coming home, dad?

I don’t know when

But we’ll get together then

You know we’ll have a good time then

My son turned ten just the other day

He said, thanks for the ball, dad, come on let’s play

Can you teach me to throw, I said, not today

I got a lot to do, he said, that’s okay

And he walked away, but his smile never dimmed

Said, I’m gonna be like him, yeah

You know I’m gonna be like him

And the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon

Little boy blue and the man in the moon

When you coming home, dad?

I don’t know when

But we’ll get together then

You know we’ll have a good time then

Well, he came from college just the other day

So much like a man I just had to say

Son, I’m proud of you

Can you sit for a while?

He shook his head, and he said with a smile

What I’d really like, dad, is to borrow the car keys

See you later

Can I have them please?

And the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon

Little boy blue and the man in the moon

When you coming home, son?

I don’t know when

But we’ll get together then

You know we’ll have a good time then

I’ve long since retired and my son’s moved away

I called him up just the other day

I said, I’d like to see you if you don’t mind

He said, I’d love to, dad, if I could find the time

You see, my new job’s a hassle, and the kid’s got the flu

But it’s sure nice talking to you, dad

It’s been sure nice talking to you

And as I hung up the phone, it occurred to me

He’d grown up just like me

My boy was just like me

And the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon

Little boy blue and the man in the moon

When you coming home, son?

I don’t know when

But we’ll get together then

You know we’ll have a good time then

The audio was poor quality because I was using a chrome book. There was the sound of rain falling in the background, which cause a bit of interruption. My tone wasn’t the best but it was alright. The song was different when reading the lyrics, because when you sing the song you don’t pay attention to the real meaning of the lyrics.