In Search Of Self

In search of self


The director Joe Wright created Hanna as a 16 years old girl, she grew up in the woods with her father. Hanna was created in a research facility, in the rural area of Poland, where they had scientifically created babies that have reduced capacity for fear, for pity, yet increased muscle strength and anything else that would make a better soldiers. Hanna was a human first before being a soldier, you can not get rid of fear or pity, it’s what makes us humans.

Hanna is always curious about the outside world, she reads the fairy tales that her mother left her. Hanna’s father reads the facts about the world in order for her survival, but Hanna is interested more about in fiction stories. Hanna’s very stoic just like her father, she is stoic because stoicism is a tactic of hiding your emotions. Hanna has a lot of courage after all the bad wolves she fought she always end up the last person standing. Hanna and her father also share a special bond between father and daughter, without Erik, Hanna wouldn’t be alive on her own. Hanna also trusted her friend Sophie, at the beginning she was not sure but as the time come she was honest about who she is.

Hanna’s joyful around Sophie, It’s her first time in her life to ever meet a person that has a crazy personality like her. She experienced a different kind of love when she met Sophie, Hanna always wanted a friend but not as unique as Sophie. Hanna had a fear of the evil witch Marisa, she thought she eliminated her but she was a live all long. Hanna thought Marissa came back to life like a zombie. Hanna overcame the fear when she found out the truth and finally put the evil witch down. Hanna also have pity when she found out Grimm had died, Grimm was her friend that she trusted. Hanna also experienced pity when she shot Marissa and the caribou but she says “I just missed your heart” an evidence that she feels empathy. Hanna has a darker side when she doesn’t hesitate when kills people, most of us wouldn’t have a courage to kill someone. Hanna was created supposedly to be a perfect soldier and she was trained by her father Erik to Adapt or Die.

Others see Hanna as a person that lives on a completely different universe. Hanna hunts for her food in order for her to survive, others or us go to a marketplace and get our food supplies from there. Hanna finds her happiness when she reads the fairytale book, that is just an evidence that Hanna has emotions. Hanna wanted to go outside the walls in order to find the truth about her mother and about herself. Hanna’s goal is to find the envy evil green witch, in order to find the truth about her mother and her.

So in the end Hanna found out the truth about her mother, father and herself. Hanna has improvements to her physical body but you she still carries pity and fear in her. Due to Hanna’s being a perfect soldier, you cannot ignore being a human first. We pretend to do things to makes us look good, but we don’t do the things that makes us ourselves.


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