I’ve Got Gloria- Respond

                        I’ve Got Gloria


  1. Scott is over exaggerating about the whole situation, about his father being cruel even though Scott he is the one being cruel. Scott is trying to prove that his evil red headed teacher is evil for flunking him, even though Scott admitted he did not study. The father is just trying to help his little boy for admitting the mistakes he has done, he’s saying that every action you take you need to be ready for the consequences.
  2. I think Scott would have regretted that he totally blew his chances in the past for not studying, only if he would have realized sooner that Mrs. Whitman did not flunk him on purpose.
  3. It was a summer vacation on my way to hawaii, my mom and I had separated seats. Yes I had to sit with a stranger, I had to seat with this long blonde hair chick with glasses. She was on her macbook the whole time, so there was no interacting between us. Halfway to through the flight, I was feeling sleepy. I was thinking there was still a few hours till we get to hawaii, so I closed my eyes and I have no idea how long I was passed out for. When I opened my eyes, I noticed my head was tilted in the wrong way. I then realized that my head was on the blonde chicks shoulder, I was so embarrassed because I have no clue what I was doing while unconcious. I then apologized as many as I can, but she was cool with it she did not react in such a bad way. For the rest of the flight I slept my eyes open.
  4. In Scott eyes Mrs. Whitman is an evil teacher that flunks him, because she only has hatred towards Scott. Being a kid we would only think about our desires, we don’t think about our actions. Protagonist’s views can help to shape how we view different characters, because the protagonists over exaggerated about different characters by the characters getting in their way. Protagonist describes the antagonist as they are the one being evil, even though there the one is doing the bad thing.
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