I’ve Got Gloria- Short Story

Empty Heart


Men are evil. Only If men didn’t exist my mother would be still alive. Only If I was there to save her. Only If she’s here with me, my life wouldn’t be a disaster. Without my mother, I have to live with some strangers I have to call family. I don’t think it’s normal to lose a mother at the age of 9, it was 5 years ago since the incident. I hate when people pretend to care about me but in the reality they don’t appreciate the way I am. When people are trying to tell me to smile but why would I smile if I am not happy? I would smile if my mother was around, why did my life end up like this?

“Hey Amellia! You are finally came back!” Oh no not again, why does he keep trying? I have to fake smile all the time I see him. I am so done with him I need to do something in order for him to stop trying to be friend with me. The next day has passed.  During the gym hours, where everybody has to leave their shoes in front of the door. While he was gone, I tied the the shoes together and threw it on a tree, where the shoes tangled one the branch. After I did that he witnessed what I did, his face was surprised. My inner self was relieved but at the same time, I am in so much trouble. Eric fled and reported it to the teacher about the incident. I got called from the office, I had to explain everything what happened. “Why did you do this Amellia?”            

“Is there something the matter?” asked by the principal. “I apologized for what I did, I don’t know what got to me” I responded. For what I did, I got 2 days in school suspension. As I walk outside the office I saw Eric, he smiled at me. Which I was very confused, it made me think if there is something wrong with him. I mean I got his shoes stuck on a tree. In that moment, I was curious about him. So I kept my eyes on him for a bit, after observing Eric. I didn’t see any problem about him, he’s seemed pretty normal. It was a complete waste of time on my hand, maybe I was overthinking. I went to my locker and I saw Eric sitting down on the bench. I cannot express about what I saw. I see Eric with tears running down his face, deep inside I felt guilt.

The moment he teared up, I also started to tear up. I did not understand how can he keep this up about being living normal, about keeping a straight smile. I went and stand in front of him and asked “Why do you do this?” “Because I promised to myself to always move forward, always look straight.” “I can’t look back, because I am not going there.” In that moment I realized he is right. I can’t be living always worrying about the past.

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