John Goddard: Respond


1 A) In life we always have wishes and we want to make those dreams become reality. That is John Goddard is trying to do, he wants his life list to become reality. He wants to complete his life list because he wants to be successful in life and live life to the fullest. John Goddard has his life list because life is short, enjoy while it last.

    B) I do travel around the world from time to time but I don’t do the things that John Goddard does like skydiving. It would be a difficult life for me if I do the things that John Goddard does. I would be living with my relatives and spend time with them.

   C) My list isn’t that special but here is my top 10 I would do before my forty.

  •    Finnish High school
  •   Get a job
  •   Find a fine lady
  •   Have 3 children
  •   Get my relatives to move here in Canada
  •   Buy a mansion
  •   Learn the language Japanese
  •   Visit the location when the titanic sunk
  •   Touch the basketball rim
  •   Be an Icon

If people don’t laugh at your dreams , your dreams aren’t big enough,

   D) If I could choose between a life of far-off adventure by yourself or staying in one place with friends and family, I choose staying with friends and family because they are all I have. They made me who I am as a person right now and they were there beside me while growing up. It’s just right to repay them back from all their sacrifices, I’m not just going to leave them all behind after all we have been through.

  E) I think it would be nice to have a life-list to accomplish what you want but you are going to need a lot of motivation to do the list. I think the easiest one to accomplish is reading the bible from cover to cover, it would take 70 hours I think he could do that easily. The hardest one to accomplish is to read the works of Shakespeare, he has 37 plays and 154 sonnets. It would take a great deal of time to finish Shakespeare’s works.

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