Reason to Believe

Why should we strengthen our faith to God?


    There will be always a statement about God’s existence, but this particular piece by Peter Kreeft provides the reasons why should we believe in God’s existence. Everyone has different perspective and opinions about God and the Christian faith. There’s going to be 5 main points about God’s existence.


First main point would be the designer of the world. If the universe is created it can only mean there is a designer who designed the universe. If the world had no designer then the world wouldn’t exist. For example, when you came upon a deserted island and found S.OS. written sand. You wouldn’t assume the waves had written it by chance, but someone was there a designer, someone intelligent enough to write the message. If we can design a rocket, but we couldn’t design a whole universe. But who can? The answer would be God created the universe.


Second main point is about Leap to Faith instead of Leap of Faith. Leap to Faith is when you believe on something whose existence or outcome can’t be proved. If we truly believe on something or someone we don’t just leap of faith, we leap to faith to be committed on our beliefs.Pascal believed that you could not possibly prove God’s existence, so just leap to faith and don’t worry about the proof. We believed in God because we know that he is with us even if we don’t see or feel him, deep down in our hearts he exists.


Third main point talks about human history is the history of human salvation, that we are being saved through love. We are the only creatures who truly knows and feel love, we as human are gifted of love. When we are created by God and seconds bled into hours we mankind survived not because of the fittest, it’s through love. Our love for God originates from God himself. It comes from love within us, which is higher than anything we can generate.


Fourth main point would be everything happened for a reason. God may be the only who knows why something happened. Everything happened for reason, because God is sovereign, there are no random or out of control happenings. God’s plan may be hidden from us, but we can be assured that every event has a reason behind it. We can also be assured that God created the universe for a reason.


Lastly the fifth main point would be the 4 primary question. Can something come from nothing? The answer is the world has already existed or the world was never created. Does God exist? Yes is the answer. Does humans have an immortal soul? Yes humans have immortal soul, if we die there’s another world out there not just physical world. Do we have freewill? Yes we do, it’s either we can choose to be good or bad.


In the end we can ask yourself this one question Does God exist? For myself yes God does exist, wherever I am, whoever I am deep down in my heart God exist. He’s always by our side.

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