Final Reflection

At their darkest moment, Paul reminds Luke that, “Love is the only way.” What does that mean for you? When you face adversity, challenge, or hardship, how do you respond? What does it look like to cultivate Christ-like love?

I personally think there are different types of love I have for people in my life. There is romantic love, family love, friend love and the most powerful love of all, a soul mate love.  Love is caring for someone deeply and patiently. Love is to break out of the black hole of self regard and to be really ordered of the others. When facing adversity it’s always important to know that we have the freedom to respond. We can respond in a very negative way or limiting way, or we can choose to respond in a more positive way that can lead into opportunity that we weren’t aware before. Sometimes we just have to get used to it, it may be hard but when life puts you down you have to always have to get back stronger. We can show Christ-like love by understanding that while they may have different worldviews from you now, it doesn’t mean it will always be that way. We can also show it by being more honest to ourselves and others.



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