Sunflower Feeling


The mellifluous noise in the background,

The wind dancing with the leaves,

Laying down in a field with a thousand Sunflowers,

An instant thought has crossed my mind,

“Where is everybody?”

“Do I have to wait forever until someone shows up?”

But again forever is a long time,

Instead of waiting,

I should attempt to find them,


Time flies like a falcon catching its prey,

I looked everywhere but I always end up at this sunflower field,

I started to lose hope,

As the Sun started to dream,

And the sunflowers started to fade away,


My body started becoming transparent,

All I can see was darkness,

The sound of void started to get loud,

It sent chills down my spine,

I opened my eyes and saw them,

As they approach and stared at me,

“Where all have you been?” I shockingly asked.

“We’ve always been here.”

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