Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which people have difficulty of sleeping. I don’t often experienced insomnia, but I remember the moment I experienced insomnia for the first time. Last year summer, I just arrived from playing basketball with my friends. I was exhausted from scoring and snapping ankles in the court. I took a shower after and ate supper. I laid in my bed and I was feeling exhausted. I closed my eyes and wait for myself to fall asleep. 20 minutes later, I noticed myself not falling asleep. My body suddenly does not know how to sleep. There is obviously wrong with myself. I decided to surrender myself and not go to sleep. From the dust till dawn, I watched movies and listening to music. Nothing was working until 8 in the morning, my mind decided to shutdown. I slept for nearly 12 hours and my body felt refreshed. No matter how much I rest myself or how long I close my eyes, nothing seemed to work. Sleep is very important to your health, insomnia can affect people both mentally and physically. People who suffer from insomnia can experience low performances on the job or at school, people will have absolutely no energy to keep up with the day. Insomnia can also affect people’s mental health such as depression, anxiety.

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